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Arjun Manrai

Sep 6, 2022, 1:35:48 PM9/6/22
Harvard Medical School is hosting its annual Precision Medicine Symposium on Sept. 20 and registration is free and open to the public (in person or virtual). Register here:


The explosion of genetic testing—and the resulting tsunami of genetic data—have sparked tectonic shifts in medical genetics. Yet, new scientific insights beget new questions, and new technologies engender new dilemmas. Among them:

  • When it comes to genetic variation, what really is “normal”? 
  • Who should undergo genetic testing and when?
  • What role will AI play in genetic diagnosis?
  • What genetic tests should be used for what suspected diagnoses? 
  • How do physicians and patients make sense of polygenic risk scores?
Answers to such questions have become pressing as more people undergo genetic testing and frontline physicians try to make sense of the results. 

These will be some of the questions we will grapple with during our eighth annual Precision Medicine Symposium on Sept. 20 organized by Harvard Medical School.

The event titled “The New Normal?” will bring together patients, researchers from academia and experts from the biotech industry. 

Our keynote speaker will be tech entrepreneur Jimi Olaghere, who was born with sickle cell disease, a condition caused by mutations in a gene that regulates hemoglobin production. In 2020, Olaghere underwent successful gene-editing therapy, becoming one of the first seven patients with sickle cell anemia in the United States to receive this treatment.

Please note that this year’s event will be held both in person and virtually.

For more details and registration:

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