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Elin Nyman

Feb 10, 2021, 9:54:45 AMFeb 10
to IQR Tools Users Group
Dear Henning and all,

There seem to be something wrong with dMod or how dMod is used in IQRsysModel. For the newest version of IQRtools, I get this error message:

sysobj <- IQRsysModel(model) 

Error: Error in dMod::Xf(odemodel = myodemodel__, forcings = forcings_x__, optionsOde = optionsSens__, : unused argument (fcontrol = fcontrol__)  

This error message do not appear with version 1.5.0

Also, I can no longer find installVersion.IQRtools() and therefore I cannot install other than the newest version (right?).

Thank you,

Elin Nyman, Linköping

Henning Schmidt

Feb 10, 2021, 11:41:40 AMFeb 10
to Elin Nyman, IQR Tools Users Group
Hi Elin,

please install dMod and cOde from their github repositories.

We are making changes to IQRtools at the moment ... End of February all will be documented again. Essentially IQRtools is becoming open source now and the installer disappears from the public distribution - meaning that cOde and dMod need to be installed separately. The CRAN versions are out of date.

If you would like a setup where all is ready installed and working right out of the box - please look into

Hope that helps,


IntiQuan GmbH
Elisabethenstrasse 23 [see map]
4051 Basel, Switzerland

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Elin Nyman

Feb 10, 2021, 3:14:04 PMFeb 10
to Henning Schmidt, IQR Tools Users Group
Thank you Henning, now everything works as it should. I am looking forward to the new documentation too :) All the best, Elin
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