Simulating a zero-order absorption model

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Catalina Barceló Campomar

Feb 18, 2022, 3:47:10 AMFeb 18

Good morning,

I am using IQReventTable() to create an eventTable with individual PK and PD parameters and then simulate individual PK and PD profiles with sim_IQRmodel. I just wanted to confirm I am using the arguments correctly.

The model has a zero-order absorption, drug dose goes into ADM=1 and we also have a Tlag1. Am I correct to indicate it like this?


eventTable <- IQReventTable(eventData, regression = paraNames, abs0inputs=c(1), abs0Tk0param=c("Tk0"))


Should I indicate somewhere that we also have  a Tlag1?

Without abs0inputs and abs0Tk0param, is it correct that since Tinf is not adjusted then an IV bolus is assumed ?


Many thanks in advance for your help,


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