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Oct 10, 2022, 3:02:33 PM10/10/22
to AnyMerge Mail
Hi! Im new in this extension, and i have a problem. I want to send about 2300 emails with differents qr codes, but sometimes the images are not displayed by default, so i think i have to attach the images in pdf/png. Is there a way to do it without creating every qr code in my google drive? Thank you for this app, its amazing
(PD: Sorry if i published this question on Anymerge Docs, my bad)

Stanislav Tvarůžek

Oct 10, 2022, 3:17:44 PM10/10/22
to AnyMerge Mail, Joacopia

No need to attach them. It might be a caching issue if you generate many emails/drafts simultaneously. Try opening the emails/drafts a few moments later after they are processed by the add-on.

Also, ensure the values you are encoding into QR codes are not empty in the spreadsheet.


Oct 11, 2022, 3:55:57 AM10/11/22
to AnyMerge Mail,, Joacopia
Thanks for your reply. I am referring to the person who receives the mail, who must click on "Show images" to see the QR code. So I want to make sure I attach each qr code via png/pdf.

Stanislav Tvarůžek

Oct 11, 2022, 4:16:41 AM10/11/22
to AnyMerge Mail, Joacopia, Stanislav Tvarůžek
That depends on the email client settings... Some recipients might have the loading of images turned off by default. Or it can be turned off for external senders, or any other content policy might be in place...

You can add a note below the QR code like "If you can't see the QR code above, make sure loading of images in your email client is enabled."

QR Codes are embedded in the emails. They are part of the message, something like a hidden attachment. They are not loaded via a link from a remote location.

Option B would be to use AnyMerge Docs together with AnyMerge Mail. First, generate PDFs with QR codes with AnyMerge Docs. Here you just need to ensure the links to the generated PDFs are stored in the spreadsheet (for example, column F).

And then configure the AnyMerge Mail to attach the docs from column F as attachments.

Something similar is shown here:

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