Solving eigenproblem of very large matrix(270k) with dsyevd: GPU mem alloc error

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KyungWon Park

Sep 28, 2020, 8:32:20 AM9/28/20
to MAGMA User

I want to get eigen values and vectors for
very large matrix (270k by 270k)

But with 4 * NVIDIA V100 GPUs(32GB VRAM) and
testing_dsyevd example in MAGMA testing directory,
I get "error -113: cannot allocate memory on GPU device" error

Should VRAM be big enough to hold the entire matrix?
I'd like to know about hardware requirements for MAMGA routines...

And if I can't solve this 270k matrix problem with MAGMA,
could you recommend any other choices?

Thank you in advance!

Stanimire Tomov

Oct 5, 2020, 6:13:59 PM10/5/20
to KyungWon Park, MAGMA User

MAGMA is for a single node. Multiple GPUs can be used. The memory requirement
is that the matrix can fit in VRAM but also that it can fit in the GPUs’ memory.

In particular, the requirement for a GPU is:

nb*(1 + n/(nb*ngpu)) * (ldda + 3*lddw*nb) + ldda*( magma_ceildiv( n, nb ) + 1),

where n is the matrix size, ldda is the leading dimension (n + possibly a little bit
to have better alignment), and nb is the block size, and ngpu is the number of GPUs.
So, you need about n^2/ngpu x 8 (for double precision) bytes memory per GPU. 

So, you would not be able to solve this with MAGMA as your matrix is about
580 GB and the 4 GPUs have only 128 GB. MAGMA has linear solvers that can be used
for problems exceeding the GPU memories but we haven’t developed these for eigensolvers.

An alternative that I would recommend is to use SLATE (, which is 
for distributed-memory systems and supports GPUs. You can scale and use a number of nodes so 
that the matrix fits into the GPU memories. SLATE is under development now and has eigenvalue 
computation for dsyevd, but SLATE doesn't yet compute vectors (coming up).

Best regards,

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KyungWon Park

Oct 7, 2020, 2:20:50 AM10/7/20
to MAGMA User,, MAGMA User, KyungWon Park
Thank you so much for the kind reply!
I'll look into SLATE

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