MAGMA routines for general band matrix ?

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Aug 11, 2021, 9:42:55 AM8/11/21
to MAGMA User


I am wondering if a routine similar to LAPACK DGBTRF will be implemented in the future.
For one of my systems, if I do not define my matrix as a band matrix, the cpu is running out of memory,

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Mark Gates

Aug 20, 2021, 5:23:02 PM8/20/21
to Alejandro, MAGMA User
Hi Alejandro,

You're right that we don't have a band solver (gbtrf or gbsv) now. We have had some other requests for this, so there's a possibility it will get implemented, but no firm plans. We can update you on this list if that changes.

Is your matrix is non-symmetric, so you need gbtrf instead of pbtrf (for a Hermitian positive definite matrix)? Do you ultimately need a solve, so doing gbsv instead of gbtrf & gbtrs is okay? Do you specifically need LU, or would some other factorization like QR also be okay? That might be easier than dealing with pivoting in a band matrix.


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