Downloading HYCOM GOM reanalysis data

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Heidi Hirsh - NOAA Affiliate

Sep 23, 2022, 4:50:34 PMSep 23

I am a postdoc at NOAA AOML/University of Miami and I am trying to download multiple full years of HYCOM Gulf of Mexico Reanalysis data to build a climatological estimate of residence time in the Florida Keys (starting by just downloading u,v, temp, salinity, surf elevation for 2012). I first tried to download data using the NetcdfSubset option, but from what I can tell I can only download 1 timestep at a time using that method (the option to select a time range down not work). Instead, I am trying to use the OPeNDAP dataset query form, but I am not sure what the most feasible way is to download a full year of data (when I try to download everything I get a message that the request is too big). I have not used this kind of data access before and I am grateful for any advice or help you can provide. 

Thank you so much, 


Heidi K. Hirsh, PhD

Postdoctoral Associate

CIMAS | University of Miami


Floriano Gianfelici

Sep 24, 2022, 4:55:33 AMSep 24
to Heidi Hirsh - NOAA Affiliate,
Hello Heidi
perhaps you can try the python script at

I have used it successfully to download time series in the Mediterranean Sea for experiment 53x, but I think it could be easily adapted to deal with GOM data. Just be warned that the process is very slow (on my - quite slow - system several hours for 1 year of data)
best regards
Floriano Gianfelici

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