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Welcome to the HYCOM.org Forum!
This forum/group is intended to facilitate the following:
  • Share information on the use of HYCOM data
  • Connect our users with the "experts" that develop and generate the model data
Please request a HYCOM.org account here (https://hycom.org/account-request) or subscribe using your own Google ID for posting to the forum.

If you are HYCOM beginner, then please check/read the following documentation before posting to the forum.

* Please provide the Model & Experiment number (e.g., GLBy0.08/expt_93.0).
* Also include the *full URL* of the dataset (i.e., access method) in your post. 
* No experiments served at hycom.org include tidal forcing.
* Do not subset more than 1 day at a time using ncss.hycom.org
* Do not use more than 1 concurrent connections per IP address when downloading data from ncss.hycom.org
* Do not use more than 10 concurrent connections per IP address when downloading data from any hycom.org service
* Make sure your email Subject matches the context of your message Body.
* If you have multiple questions, then please break them up into separate posts (threads).
* Reduce/Remove any lengthy email signatures when posting to the forum.
THREDDS servers update/restart daily between 2:00 AM - 3:00 AM, and 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM EST/EDT.
** Please avoid requesting data during this maintenance window, else you are likely to get an error **