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Welcome to the HCP-Announce Google group, which is a list that sends out release and informational announcements by to the Human Connectome Project (HCP) and Connectome Coordination Facility (CCF).
This is an informational list only, all discussions/questions should be posted to the HCP-Users Google group: https://groups.google.com/a/humanconnectome.org/forum/#!forum/hcp-users (send posts to hcp-users@humanconnectome.org)

Posted here will be information relevant to the previously released HCP-Young Adult (HCP-YA) dataset of 1200 healthy adults ages 22-35, releases of data from the Lifespan HCP projects (HCP-Development, ages 5-21, and HCP-Aging, ages 35-100+) and Connectomes Related to Human Disease projects (CHRD, see humanconnectome.org), processing pipelines and tools developed by HCP, the HCP Advanced Neuroimaging Course, Connectome Workbench visualization and analysis software (wb_view and wb_command), and the Brain Analysis Library of Spatial maps and Atlases (BALSA) database.