Hacksburg Discussion List

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Welcome to the Hacksburg Discussion List!

This list is open to members and non-members to have conversations related to Hackerspaces, Making and the Maker movement, DIY, etc. In order to maximize the signal-to-noise ratio of this list, here are a few guidelines:

  • No official business. Members with official business should post in the Business list to ensure all members can see and respond to it. External organizations that have business with Hacksburg should contact the Board.

  • Keep it civil. Disagreements, debate, and arguments are OK, but flamewars are not.

  • Minimize traffic, maximize impact. People get tons of email a day; more email means more things getting lost in the shuffle. Avoid “me too” posts and text walls in favor of making concise and substantive contributions to a discussion.

  • Keep ads to a minimum. While we’re here to chat, constant spam about your business or other promotions is not conducive to interesting discussion.

As with all things Hacksburg, bear in mind that use of this list is also subject to the Community Agreement. The Board will be on hand to moderate.

Thanks for reading!