Thanks for joining upboat! We're going to get some awesome press attention for Hacker Dojo's zoning and related fundraising adventures!

Please join the group. This group will only be used to get Hacker Dojo media attention, and I promise it will be low-traffic.

Remember, it may take a few pushes to get noticed, but Code Hero got to the front of Reddit after 4 and it worked out for them.

Here's what you can do while we get enough people for a push:
  1. Encourage your friends to join at https://groups.google.com/a/hackerdojo.com/forum/#!forum/upboat This is absolutely a numbers game.
  2. Please have a reddit account a hacker news account a slashdot account and a kickstarter account ready to go.
  3. Find your friends on kickstarter and follow them if you like. They might just follow you back, and the social network of kickstarter impacts a lot including our odds of being featured or under "popular" http://www.kickstarter.com/friends/find

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Slashdot - A Hackerspace's Options: Raise a quarter million or die Katy Levinson 7/31/12
[Facebook] Meta-upboat for email list Katy Levinson 7/30/12
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