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A new paradigm in sweat based wearable diagnostics biosensors using Room Temperature Ionic Liquids (RTILs) Alberto Gaitán 6/24/17
Stanford brain to computer interface wetware elephantninjadc 2/23/17
Problem with parcel shipping, ID:0000550979 FedEx 2Day A.M. 9/22/16
Problems with item delivery, n.00000217986 FedEx 2Day A.M. 8/8/16
We could not deliver your parcel, #000672947 FedEx Ground 7/18/16
tDCS Hermes Trimegistus 4/28/16
Watch "Business card with a working mini EKG" on YouTube elephantninjadc 2/29/16
I'd like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn Norman Seth Rogers 2/1/16
Fwd: OpenBCI is back on Kickstarter! spamfreemirage335 11/3/15
Purple Martin nest given better footing. spamfreemirage335 9/9/15
Circadia 1.0 Article robert.k25 6/25/15 Juri_ 4/24/15
Biohacking? Norman Rogers 4/3/15
Fwd: Take That Mario! 3D Printed Red Tortoise Shell Armor! spamfreemirage335 3/30/15
DIY NightVision spamfreemirage335 3/29/15
DNA clamshell nanobucket nanobot Alberto Gaitán 3/17/15
Scientists Identify ‘Big Brain’ Gene in Humans, Neanderthals and Denisovans Alberto Gaitán 3/8/15
Brain implant reboots brain tissue in epileptic seizure therealplato 1/28/15
LinearPSU spamfreemirage335 12/17/14
brain hackathon at Georgetown University Sharad Satsangi 10/17/14
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