Now we have Firefox running on RISC-V Linux!

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Wei Wu (吴伟)

Sep 26, 2021, 11:30:54 AM9/26/21
to RISC-V SW Dev,,,, Ninad Jangle
Surprisingly, a developer named Makoto Kato[1] has patched and built
firefox for riscv64 linux platform successfully, in July!

Check it[2] out!

Thanks Hongren for letting me know and re-patching & packaging Firefox
for Arch Linux[3]. Thanks Felix Yan[4] for validating the video play
of Firefox on Unmatched (using my favorite site Bilibili!).

It is (understandably) slow now, due to the lack of several ISA
extensions and the absence of JIT compiler portings. But at least I
can watch videos/animations on Bilibili[4] :-)

Fortunately we now have two students working on the JIT porting for
Spidermonkey[5]. I am optimistic that Ninad Jangle[6] and Dhairya
Shah[7] will get the baseline JIT porting done before the end of this

All contributions and collaborations are welcome!


Best wishes,
Wei Wu (吴伟)

Makoto Kato

Sep 26, 2021, 2:42:14 PM9/26/21
to RISC-V SW Dev,,, Makoto Kato,, Ninad Jangle
Hi Wei.

Bugzilla has the tracking bug for it as bug 1717203 [1].  When [2] and [3] are landed, I think that you can build trunk tree of Firefox ( without patches.
And you know I don't write any JIT code for SpiderMonkey and Wasm (CraneLift in Wasmtime or Ion's Wasm) yet, so JS will run on interpreter.


-- Makoto

2021年9月27日月曜日 0:30:54 UTC+9

Wei Wu (吴伟)

Sep 26, 2021, 10:38:28 PM9/26/21
to Makoto Kato, RISC-V SW Dev,,, Ninad Jangle
Hi Kato,

Thanks so much for doing this!
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