what are we negotiating on earth?

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Jerry Ho

Nov 18, 2020, 7:13:24 AM11/18/20
to RISC-V HW Dev
I have already read the diplomacy code, and lots of other stuff, But I still feel very confused about what problem the diplomacy framework can solve specificly.
Suppose we have two nodes, a source node and a sink node, they comply with TL-UL, the source node initiates an GET operation on channel A, and the sink node responded with AccessAckData on channel D. According to the diplomacy, we have to define two lazymodule. Inside each lazymodule, we define source node for the Master lazymodule, and sinknode for the slave lazymodule. also we have to implement nodeImp to conduct the specific negotiating logic. And inside the nodeImp, we have to decide the EO and EI according to the DO and UO for the source node (DI and UI for the sinknode). I know the general idea of diplomacy, but my confusion is what can we negotiate in real life? Take the source node as an example, is the DO params something related to the channel A? and the UO is some thing related to the channel D of the tile link protocol? I think the word negotiation is bilateral bargaining on something they both claim, the channel A and channel D are actually something seperated.  
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