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Jun 16, 2021, 5:30:55 PMJun 16
to Golaem List

is there a symmetry modifier in the layout tool.

it seems that we can't find it...  ( even scaling modifier hasn't much options...  like X/Y/Z axis options... 

thanks for your help

Nicolas Chaverou

Jun 17, 2021, 4:15:08 AMJun 17
to Golaem List
Hey there,

Can you please provide more context: which version of Golaem are you using? Maya?

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Nicolas Chaverou

Jun 18, 2021, 5:51:10 AMJun 18
to Golaem List,
Hey Julien,

Answering back on the original thread (feel free to reply all on it)
Original message (answer below)

On Thu, Jun 17, 2021 at 4:14 PM julien duchet <> wrote:
hello nico, 

We are working under linux, withmaya, and a golaem version 7.3.9. 

We are building a soccer stadium . 

caches have been done and crowds have been generated only on 1/4 of the stadium . 
Thanks to the layout tool we would like to fill the other 3/4 of the stadium. 
stadium has been modelised the same way ( only 1/4, the rest is instance with mirroring and rotation layer on the top of it ) 

We would like to apply the same technique for the crowd part, but it seems that we can't find a way to mirror a cache thanks to the layout tool. ( stadium isn't square, hence we need a mirror tool to fit perfectly the other parts of the stadium... ) 

Thanks for your help.

We've been adding Geometry Mirroring the Golaem v8 but that only applies on one Character and mirror its posture / geometry
It's not possible to mirror crowd patches for now but it makes a lot of sense and we'll add it for a future version
Are you expecting that Layer to just mirror positions and orientations of a selection or also the posture geometry of each character ?

In the mean time, I'd advise to use the SnapTo Layer
It allows to reshape a crowd patch according to a new set of positions / orientations defined by a Population Tool
Contrary to a future Mirror Layer we'll add, the SnapTo will not preserve proximity between characters and will reshuffle how the characters are assigned to a population tool slot
Would that be enough ?

Another option would be to create another Cache Proxy with your original simulation and apply an inverse scaling on the transform node (within Guerilla in your case)
That will mirror the prcedurally generated geometry

Let us know if any of those workaround would be good enough for your usage :)


Jun 18, 2021, 11:42:03 AMJun 18
to Golaem List, nicolas.chaverou, rabitosorus
hello nico, 

thanks a lot for the quick answer. 

glad t know that it has been added in the V8 for one char, and looking forward to have it for a whole crowd patch.
at the moment i'm just expecting to mirror positions and rotations. 

we will look into the SnapToLayer solution, but from what you are mentioning, it would do the trick for sure...

we just need to figure out where we can implement that in our crowd pipeline. ( at the moment we are just exporting and publishing layouts in shot context.  ) 
but the rest ( publishing new popTool, or new cache proxies at shot level )  should come later... 

again, thanks for your help. 
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