globus-sdk v3.9.0 Released & Feature Roundup

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Stephen Rosen

Jun 2, 2022, 1:44:05 PMJun 2
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Hi all,

We've just completed the release of globus-sdk version 3.9.0 .

We haven't announced many of the incremental changes we've made over time in the SDK, so we'd like to take a moment to highlight the features our team has put together over the last few weeks (since v3.5.0).

You can, as always, view the full changelog on our doc site or look at our GitHub Releases.

Here are the highlights:

* Timer service support in the form of TimerClient and TimerJob.

* HTTP information, details, and tuning.
Support for `headers` and `http_reason` on errors and responses.
RequestsTransport.tune is a new context manager for temporarily adjusting settings.

* Scope handling enhancements.
ScopeBuilders now stringify nicely. Try `print(globus_sdk.scopes.GroupsScopes)` for an example.
New MutableScope objects for constructing complex optional and dependent scopes.

* globus_sdk lazy importer using module-level __getattr__
Leveraged properly, this can improve application performance. In testing, we have been able to achieve execution time improvements between 50% and 80% for certain use-cases.

* Many other improvements
** IdentityMap can take a user-defined mutable mapping as its cache
** list namespaces for a SQLiteAdapter with iter_namespaces
** GroupsClient.get_group supports "include"
** TransferClient retries are adjusted to avoid retrying ExternalError
** TransferData and DeleteData now support skip_activation_check
** TransferData now supports add_filter_rule
** GroupsClient.get_my_groups response now supports iteration and len()
** GlobusHTTPResponse objects support bool() to check for empty data
** GCSClient methods for managing Storage Gateways
** Numerous new GCS document types. Storage and collection policies in particular

If you run into issues using the SDK, or you have questions for us about these features, feel free to reach out on the public issue tracker, here on the listhost, or via

-Stephen, and the rest of the Globus Team
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