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ben curran

Feb 23, 2020, 11:08:14 PM2/23/20
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Trying to use Globus personal. Using the web interface ( to generate a key, going to the command line on the linux box (ubuntu 18.04, bionic), run the setup and start. That bit all works.

When I then go to the web file manager, I can find the endpoint but when I try to connect I get:

Command Failed: Error (connect) Endpoint: (xxxxxxxxx) Server: Globus Connect Message: The server may be too busy --- Details: an end-of-file was reached\nglobus_xio: The GSI XIO driver failed to establish a secure connection. The failure occured during a handshake read.\nglobus_xio: An end of file occurred\n

The server is not too busy. I am the only person on the server at the moment and am currently engaged in zero other data transfers. The only connection to the server is my ssh terminal.
I have deleted the whole thing, both from the web interface and anything on the server that I can find up to and including removing ~/.globusonline*, I've checked that I've killed and I've checked that globusonlinepersonal has been stopped, all before setting up another end point with a new name. Same error message. I've had it for a about a week now.

There's nothing else in this error message that provides anything I can google, or at least, nothing that provides anything useful, so I'd be quite to know if anyone else has any idea what's going on, or if anyone knows how to find out?


Michael Link

Feb 24, 2020, 7:55:38 PM2/24/20
Hi Ben,

That error indicates that the connection was closed abruptly, without
the correct protocol response. A busy endpoint is just one of the ways
that can happen.

It might be easiest to open a ticket with us at, but
these are the first two things we'd have you check:

We build Globus Connect Personal to be mostly self contained, but there
are some common low level libraries that are still expected to be on
your system. This command will show if any are missing -- run it from
the globusconnectpersonal directory:

find gt_amd64 -exec ldd -r {} \; |grep not\ found

If that shows no output, you can run globusconnectpersonal with the
'-debug' option, which will give more info at the time of the failed

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