Cannot recursive or batch transfer with "Fatal FTP response 500 Command failed. : Path not allowed.\r\n"

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Chang Chen

Feb 14, 2020, 1:12:58 AM2/14/20
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I can transfer a single file to my hpc, but can't transfer files recursively or in a batch using --recursive or --batch --label "folders" < folders.txt . 

My Event Log is 

Message: Fatal FTP response
Details: 500 Command failed. : Path not allowed.\r\n

Thank you in advance for your help!

Best regards,

Gigi Kennedy

Feb 14, 2020, 2:24:37 PM2/14/20
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Hello CC,

We received this same question in a ticket from you, so we'll try to answer it there because we'll be able to request some specifics more easily. 

We'll report the results to this thread after it's been resolved.

Best regards,
Globus Help Desk

Stephen Rosen

Feb 17, 2020, 3:57:27 PM2/17/20
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Hi all,

Just to let anyone seeing this thread know, the issue turned out to be path specification via the Globus CLI.

As a related reminder, if you specify an absolute path to the CLI, it will be treated as absolute and not joined with your homedir.
So, for example, this ENDPOINT_ID:PATH argument specifies the root of the filesystem (or root of a share):

If you want to specify your home directory on an endpoint, typically you will specify "/~/". e.g.

Endpoint administrators are free to configure the default directory ( /~/ ) on their endpoints to a non-home directory.

If you want detailed technical documentation on how the Globus Transfer API (and therefore the Globus CLI) handles paths, I recommend looking at the documentation for the ls API:

The CLI will normalize paths that it is given, and if you are using `--batch` mode for transfer or delete, please be aware that relative paths in the batch input will be joined with any SOURCE_DIR or DEST_DIR given on the command-line.

You can see full documentation for `globus transfer`, or any CLI command, with the `--help` flag or online in our reference:

Thanks & best,
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