How to get the UUID of the scope?

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Karl Kornel

May 4, 2020, 1:00:08 PM5/4/20
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I am starting to explore creating my own Globus Auth scopes, and I would like to create a scope that depends on the scope.  In other words, if someone gets a token for my scope, then the resource server I make will be able to use that token to get a transfer token, to be able to initiate transfers on behalf of the user.

Looking at the documentation for Create Scope, it looks like I'll need to get the UUID of the scope.  Should I get that UUID by doing a call to…



Sam Claassens

May 4, 2020, 3:32:28 PM5/4/20
Hi Karl,

Yes, you can look up any scopes using scopes?scope_strings, as long as the scopes are advertised or the owning client is public. 

To create the dependency, you would then provide this in the dependent scopes field when you create your scope. For example, the create scope payload would be something like  (using the ID for = 80fa5a88-ae26-4db7-be3a-c5f4cf4ac8d2):
    'scope': {
        'name' : 'ExampleScope',
        'description' : 'Example dependency',
        'scope_suffix' : 'example_scope',
        'dependent_scopes': [
                'scope': '80fa5a88-ae26-4db7-be3a-c5f4cf4ac8d2',
                'optional': False,
                'requires_refresh_token': False

Please let us know if we can help with any more information. Thanks for highlighting this by the way, we'll add more documentation around this call.

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