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Miguel Guevara

Jan 19, 2021, 3:33:51 PM1/19/21
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Hey everyone:
The Google DP team just released its first newsletter communicating some of our quarterly goals for our OSS repositories. You can check it out below.

If you’re interested in hearing more about our plans or connecting with others using the library, consider joining the forum

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Jan 2021

Welcome to our first
differential privacy

The DP Newsletter is intended to interact and provide more information for users of the open source DP libraries, Privacy on Beam, and DP Accounting. As part of this, we are sharing our preliminary quarterly roadmap. We hope this opens the discussion about what features will be used outside of Google and how you would prioritize them for your DP projects.

We also look forward to hearing from our users, about interesting feature requests and what use cases you are working on. Feel free to reach out and be part of the discussion, either on our new public mailing list at dp-open-so...@googlegroups.com or privately to our team at dp-open...@google.com.

Preliminary Q1 2021 Roadmap

We’re sharing our quarterly roadmap for our DP libraries, Privacy on Beam, and DP Accounting. We can’t promise that this is exactly what we’ll end up doing, but we wanted to give library users a sense for what’s coming and a chance to weigh in.


We’re working on a new quantiles implementation for all three languages of the DP library that will be simpler than our current version, will scale to arbitrarily large datasets, and will allow querying multiple quantiles with no additional privacy loss budget expenditure. We also plan to implement quantiles in Privacy on Beam.

Approximate Bounds

We want to refactor approximate bounds as the current implementation leads to a lot of code duplication. This will be first implemented in C++ and might follow soon as well for Go and Java.

DP Accounting

We’re expanding our library by open-sourcing a (faster) C++ version of the accounting library.

Looking forward

We are exploring new Open Sourcing efforts. Having a Java version for Privacy on Beam is something we’re looking into. Do you have use-cases for this? Email us! This will help us assess demand.

Have a great start of 2021!

Yours in differential privacy,
Anonymization team at Google

Note that this roadmap is approximate. The features, their priorities, and timelines can change. Please let us know at dp-open...@google.com if a particular feature is important for you and you'd like to get it prioritized. Obviously, you're more than welcome to contribute!

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