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Mar 1, 2022, 11:23:26 AM3/1/22



LEARNING OPPORTUNITY:  Anthropology, Primates and Ethnoprimatology Online Course with Philip Linder O’Donnell, begins Tuesday, May 31, 2022.


Hiring Organization:  Philip Linder O’Donnell



From the Ecuadorian Amazon, Philip Linder continues the new online course:  Anthropology, Primates and Ethnoprimatology.  To my knowledge it is the first course to primarily focus on ethnoprimatology ever taught in an online format. 


The course first aims to introduce students to the scientific discipline of anthropology before sharing in-depth understanding of the Order Primates and Anthropology’s new specialization, Ethnoprimatology.  The format is recorded lectures divided into three modules.  Projects, exercises, readings and assessment exams accompany each module. 


The instructor of the course is Philip Linder O’Donnell who has taught anthropology courses (Cultural Anthropology and Human Origins and Prehistory) at universities in the USA for 7 years.  He is a PhD student in Anthropological Studies at Queen’s University Belfast, Northern Ireland, beginning in October 2022.  His dissertation research will explore ethnoprimatology in the Ecuadorian Amazon where he has lived the past 2 years.  He led tours of undergraduates to see captive primates at the Indianapolis Zoo where he observed primates for decades.  Philip now observes human interactions with 8 species (and counting) of wild nonhuman primates (NHPs) on a regular basis.  



After completion of the course students should be able to show knowledge about the basics of the field of anthropology and the types of research and analyses practiced in the discipline.


A broad understanding and appreciation for primate species, including our own can be achieved with introductions to classifications, behavioral ecology, evolutionary histories, predation, conservation, and more!  Primates around the world face unprecedented threats to their viability and many are close to extinction in the wild.


Participants will have the chance to learn about the field of ethnoprimatology, key researchers, strategies, methods, theories, ethical considerations, how to create a proposal and much more. 


It is hoped that a greater appreciation for the place of humans on our Earth can be realized, that we are a part of nature and not separate from it and that humans and NHPs have a long shared evolutionary history of living side by side.  One of the most important challenges we face is to live the most harmoniously we can with all species as there is increasingly more encroachment upon habitats on the Earth we all share. 




I am an independent instructor and do not offer credit but possibly you could get credit through your university as an independent study. 


Get a certificate and transcripts for successful completion of the course.


Cool projects like Create a Primate!


Recorded and live Zoom meetings with the instructor and guest interviews with anthropologists, primatologists and ethnoprimatologists.


Live virtual fieldtrips to fieldsites in Sucumbios (weather and technology permitting) to appreciate culture, and observe the human-NHP interface.


Books, articles and other reading materials you can keep as well as access to the course.


A website and discussion forum for students to communicate.


Whether you are a student contemplating anthropology, primatology or ethnoprimatology as a major, graduate school or career, or are already studying or participating, this could be a great opportunity to explore what is available or to supplement your thirst for knowledge.  Lifelong learners will also love the content for learning’s sake and perhaps happy career changes will be realized!



Only an interest and enthusiasm for learning about Anthropology, Primates and Ethnoprimatology.



All books, articles and other reading materials will be provided and it costs $100 to register.



Please register now as only the first 30 students will be able to take the course which begins Tuesday, May 31, 2022.


Class is without pressure as you work at the pace you choose. 


For registration and more information, (including about the current class and Summer class guest speakers) email Philip Linder O’Donnell at 


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