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Andrew Pollack (Gerrit)

May 22, 2023, 7:00:42 PMMay 22
to sdk-dev+a...@fuchsia.dev

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[swd] `:package_bundle_hash` included in IDK

New SHA256 added to IDK at `sdk://packages/fuchsia-distributed-packages-${target_cpu}.tar.gz.sha256`
as described in https://fuchsia.dev/fuchsia-src/contribute/governance/rfcs/0208_distributing_packages_with_the_sdk?hl=en#archiving
`sdk_package_bundle` template adjusted to use `sdk_atom` to expose generated SHA256
to the IDK. Bundle is generated per architecture specified in `sdk:final_fuchsia_idk` target, then
merged to final IDK archive at `packages/fuchsia-distributed-packages-${target_cpu}.tar.gz.sha256`.

User flow for adding a package to the IDK:
* Add new `sdk_fuchsia_package` target for package.
* Build above target, generating API file to check into source.
* Check API file into source at `sdk/packages/<PACKAGE_NAME>.api  
(following printed instructions https://cs.opensource.google/fuchsia/fuchsia/+/main:build/packages/generate_sdk_package_api.py;l=119).
* Add new `sdk_fuchsia_package` target to `sdk/packages:packages` target

Change-Id: I361f177efa0997b2623b35975b2ba582b1dccfa6
A build/packages/generate_package_bundle_sha.py
M build/packages/generate_sdk_package_api.py
M build/packages/generate_sdk_package_api_test.py
M build/packages/generate_sdk_package_bundle.py
M build/packages/sdk_fuchsia_package.gni
M build/packages/sdk_package_bundle.gni
M build/sdk/meta/common.json
M build/sdk/meta/golden/common.json.golden
A build/sdk/meta/sdk_package_bundle.json
M examples/components/lifecycle/BUILD.gn
M scripts/sdk/merger/merge.py
M sdk/BUILD.gn
A sdk/packages/BUILD.gn
A sdk/packages/lifecycle-example-rust.api
14 files changed, 281 insertions(+), 53 deletions(-)

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