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hjfre… via monorail

Feb 18, 2022, 9:58:48 AM2/18/22
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Components: Documentation
type: Enhancement

New issue 94117 by "Link to this revision" on

Documentation on should have a button somewhere on each page that says something like, "Link to this revision of this page". Clicking it would give the user a stable URL that will always show the page as it was at that moment, even as the page gets updated over time.

Ideally, any links _from_ that page to other parts of would also be shown at the same revision.

# Motivation

RFCs are intended to be point-in-time documents that don't change after their acceptance. However, RFCs frequently link to other pages on that _are_ intended to evolve over time. That means that future readers of an RFC may follow a link and see something different than what the stakeholders who approved the RFC saw. Or they may even get a 404.

If we had an easy way to link to documentation at a point in time, we could avoid those problems by setting a policy that RFCs should always link to a specific revision.

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leegr… via monorail

Jan 10, 2023, 2:43:46 AM1/10/23
Labels: docs-wishlist Pri-3

Comment #1 on issue 94117 by "Link to this revision" on

Nick, has this been worked on?

mkear… via monorail

Nov 30, 2023, 4:14:18 PM11/30/23
Status: WontFix

Comment #4 on issue 94117 by "Link to this revision" on

We've narrowed the scope of enhancements we can make to infrastructure, so closing this issue. Feel free to re-open if it feels very important.
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