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Aug 22, 2023, 1:25:32 PM8/22/23
Dear API council members, has requested that the following API be added to the Fuchsia SDK: fidl/

As such, it's time for an API Calibration! This will give the API owner one last round of feedback before the API is shared with partners, and therefore harder to update.

Please provide feedback on within the next 7 days!

Note that this calibration is not gating. Any feedback provided during this calibration is just "food for thought." Once the calibration is done, it's up to and the Diagnostics owner(s) to decide what changes to make to the API, if any.

More information:

API Area: Diagnostics
API Reviewers:
Guide doc (if any):
Notes: This API is used in `ffx inspect`, `ffx log` and other ffx plugins wishing to read Logs or Inspect from the device. The API is equivalent to `fuchsia.diagnostics.ArchiveAccessor`, except that it sends the data over a socket instead of a VMO as we can't send VMOs to the host.

The API was originally introduced in go/bye-remote-diagnostics-bridge

We wish to move it to partner_internal as part of having the ffx log and ffx inspect tools in the SDK.

You can find up-to-date information on this calibration request here:

The API Council Bot
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