Async API Calibration: fidl/fdf

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Jul 31, 2023, 11:08:19 AM7/31/23
Dear API council members, has requested that the following API be added to the Fuchsia SDK: fidl/fdf

As such, it's time for an API Calibration! This will give the API owner one last round of feedback before the API is shared with partners, and therefore harder to update.

Please provide feedback on within the next 7 days!

Note that this calibration is not gating. Any feedback provided during this calibration is just "food for thought." Once the calibration is done, it's up to and the Drivers owner(s) to decide what changes to make to the API, if any.

More information:

API Area: Drivers
API Reviewers:
Guide doc (if any):
Notes: I expect the more divisive aspect of this review would be the library name, fdf. It is intentionally terse and matches similar naming conventions used for the zx library (also not namespaced under fuchsia).

You can find up-to-date information on this calibration request here:

The API Council Bot

Notification (via Tables by Area 120)

Aug 8, 2023, 9:41:54 AM8/8/23
This concludes the API Calibration for fidl/fdf!, your next steps are:
1. Mark as "Abandoned", so it remains as a record of this API calibration.
2. Coordinate with your API reviewer(s) to determine which suggestions from the calibration period to incorporate into your API.
3. Make those changes.
4. Send your API reviewer(s) a CL that changes your API's `sdk_category` to the desired value.
5. Reply to this email, letting everyone know your API made it into the SDK!

Thank you for your contribution to Fuchsia's API surface!
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