Flowminder COVID-19 Forum on Call Detail Records (CDR) analytics in LMICs

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This forum is for data analysts, statisticians, and developers to discuss methodological issues around extracting information on population mobility from Call Detail Records (CDR data) in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs) to improve decision making and scenario planning during the COVID-19 pandemic.


We can here discuss the analytical methods and indicators, those used by Flowminder which are presented on this website and those used by others (e.g. what is most useful and robust, problems we encounter in data analysis and interpretations and assumptions we are making). Please note that we would like to keep conversations primarily focussed to contexts and countries where tower distributions are sparse and phone usage is infrequent, and only CDRs are available, as the methods suitable to analyse such data are different to those that can be used in richer data contexts. 


If you have questions on Flowminder’s methods and indicators which are not covered in the FAQ (https://covid19.flowminder.org/support-feedback), these are welcome here too.


We can also discuss privacy considerations and how to ensure that no individual patterns can be identified from mobility indicators derived from CDRs.


Finally, we can discuss ethical considerations and usage of mobility indicators, and steps we can take as data analysts to ensure that the information we extract from CDRs contributes positively to the management of the COVID-19 pandemic in LMICs.

For more general enquiries, specific country analyses or implementation discussions, please email covid19@flowminder.org

For media enquiries, please contact info@flowminder.org 

Véronique Lefebvre

Flowminder Data Scientist

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