New Project Announcement: TraderX now Open Source in FINOS

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Dov.Katz via FINOS Announcements

Nov 28, 2023, 1:24:31 PM11/28/23

Dear FINOS Community,

I am excited to announce that TraderX was successfully contributed to FINOS and hosted at


TraderX is a Sample Trading Application, designed to be a distributed reference application in the financial services domain which can serve as a starting point for experimentation with various techniques and other open-source projects. It is designed to be simple and accessible to developers of all backgrounds, with minimal pre-assumptions, and it can serve as a starting point for educational and experimentation purposes.


It is designed to be runnable from any developer workstation with minimal assumptions other than Node and Java runtimes (but you can swap any components out with your own.) The libraries and toolkits it uses are meant to be as vanilla as possible, to preserve its approachability by developers of all levels.


For more details, have a look at a recent video demo/presentation I gave at OSFF 2023


TraderX Overview Video - OSFF 2023


Your feedback, issues, and contributions are more than welcome. See for more information on how to contribute.


Here are some good first issues where we could use help  Issues · finos/traderX (


Thanks to the FINOS Community for a warm welcome!

Maintainers (Morgan Stanley):

Dov Katz

Cliff Tiltman


Contributors (Morgan Stanley): Matthew Bain

Contributors (UBS):  Chris Stevenson, Gareth Ncube




Dov B. Katz, Distinguished Engineer   
Managing Director   

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Gabriele Columbro

Nov 28, 2023, 9:49:42 PM11/28/23
Dear Community, 

I don't even know where to begin to share how excited I am for this project to come to FINOS. While this starts as a sample application, I can already see the potential of integrating so many different projects in our landscape, as well as, who knows, if this takes off, truly becoming the beginning of an "open core".

From its educational & interns potential, to showcasing the art of the possible, to connecting many FINOS projects - so much goodness here and I highly encourage you to jump on board.

Huge kudos to Dov and team, a model for our community from Governing Board leadership all the way to pull requests.

Looking forward to seeing where the Community takes this!


Gabriele Columbro | Executive Director | FINOS

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