Release v1.7.17 - FIDO2, U2F, and UAF Conformance Tooling

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Paul Heim

Nov 27, 2023, 6:30:49 PM11/27/23
to FIDO Dev (fido-dev)

Release notes

FIDO Certification Conformance Tooling Release v1.7.17 includes updates to CTAP2.1, CTAP2.0, U2F1.2, and server conformance test modules:

  • Updated CTAP2.1 MakeCred tests to be aware of makeCredUvNotRqd option id (#699)
  • Fixed credProtect extension test to switch alwaysUv off for the duration of this test instead of switching it on (#719)
  • Updated uvm extension test to correctly validate matcherProtectionType and account for multiple flags in keyProtectionType (#721)
  • Fixed CTAP2.1 MakeCred response test for secp521r1 algorithm validating coefficient length against incorrect value (#723)
  • Fixed ReferenceError when selecting BLE device (#724)
  • Updated values for attca and secp256k1 to match published registry (related to #726)
  • Updated metadata tests to allow multiple values in matcherProtections (#730)
  • Updated uvm tests to check metadata for least secure matcherProtection for each specified userVerification (related to #730)
  • Updated metadata tcDisplay test to assert correct property and use proper value type (related to #730)

Resolved Issues: #699, #719, #721, #723, #724, #726, #730 (Public Repository)

Get tooling

Tooling access is available at

Get support

Two primary support channels are available to you when developing, testing, and certifying. The channel you should use to get support depends on the type of issue you encounter.  

  1. Support for general and administrative certification program inquiries, please contact
  2. Support for technical and self-administered conformance tooling inquiries; please first review tooling documentation and FIDO Dev topics, and second, use the issue tracker to create new issues and to view and track issues that you and other developers have submitted at >>

Before creating your own issue, check the known issues listed on this page.

 See Submit issue to find the issue template and submit a new issue.  


FIDO Certification Team

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