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William Cronk

Jan 10, 2023, 6:01:34 PMJan 10

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Subject: [FIDO-DEV] Digest for - 5 updates in 3 topics
Tim Cappalli <>: Jan 09 11:14PM

The logs will be on the CDA client side (browser in this case):
Make sure FIDO is checked.
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Subject: Re: [FIDO-DEV] Phone Passkey on PC requirements
yup that's what I mean.
after scanning the QR I get asked to confirm if I wanna connect and then, well it tries to connect but on one site, the WebAuthn just times out before establishing the connection, and using my handy sandbox which has a higher timeout, the phone says "connection to computer not possible. try another verification method" after circling around the loading icon for a good while.
btw the Phone I use is an xcover pro with Android 13 so that's modern.
there's a log for the FIDO stuff on the phone? Where can I get that?
Am Mo., 9. Jan. 2023 um 22:02 Uhr schrieb Tim Cappalli <<>>:
Sounds like you're asking specifically about using a passkey with Cross-Device Authentication?
Can you expand on "doesn't work"? What error are you seeing? Do you ever receive the prompt on the authenticator after scanning the QR?
Also, output from the device log would be helpful.
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Subject: [FIDO-DEV] Phone Passkey on PC requirements
Are there any specific requirements for Passkeys on PC?
I mean iirc you only need a chrome-based browser and Bluetooth on the PC side, and obviously a passkey-compatible phone, right?
because interestingly on one of my 2 PCs it does work.
The one where it does work has a BT adapter from UGREEN which iirc does not support BT5, and the one where it doesnt work is listed as Integrated System Solution Corp. KY-BT100 Bluetooth Adapter, which I heavily doubt supports BT5 either.
The Browser and OS are likely not the issue as I run Brave and Kubuntu 22.04 on both of them currently.
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My1 <>: Jan 10 12:53AM +0100

Looks like this. I did censor part of the BT address tho.
Seems like something errors in a weird way.
[image: image.png]
^- image of the log.
Am Di., 10. Jan. 2023 um 00:14 Uhr schrieb Tim Cappalli <
Adam Langley <>: Jan 10 08:49AM -0800

On Monday, January 9, 2023 at 3:54:00 PM UTC-8 My1 wrote:
> Looks like this. I did censor part of the BT address tho.
> Seems like something errors in a weird way.
> [image: image.png]
This is a Linux machine?
Failing to start the LE scan because it's already running seems like a
Chromium issue. Can you run `bluetoothctl` in a terminal and do `scan off`
and see if that fixes it? If so, then this sounds like a Chromium bug that
we're not ignoring this specific error from bluez.
Ibrahim Albrazile <>: Jan 10 02:57PM +0300

Emil Lundberg <>: Jan 10 12:56PM +0100

Some discussion around this came up recently in the WG meetings:
There's no proposed solution yet, but the WG is aware of the issue.
Emil Lundberg
Software Engineer | Yubico <>
On Thu, Dec 29, 2022 at 2:44 PM 'Tim Cappalli' via FIDO Dev (fido-dev) <
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