Passkey Registration and Authentication with React Native

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Akshay R

Jun 13, 2024, 2:51:29 AMJun 13
to FIDO Dev (fido-dev)
I am trying to implement passkey creation and signing on a react native application using the package f23/react-native-passkey.

I am passing a base64 encoded challenge. I am faced with the following error: 
{"error": "RequestFailed", "message": "The request failed. No Credentials were returned."}

Is anyone here familiar with this repository or familiar with an alternate method of implementing passkeys in react native.

My objective is to be able to create (register) a passkey and sign an arbitrary message (custom challenge).

Any help is much appreciated.

Lynitria Guient

Jun 13, 2024, 8:56:30 AMJun 13
to Akshay R, FIDO Dev (fido-dev)

Mrs .Guient for life

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Akshay R

Jun 13, 2024, 12:38:53 PMJun 13
to FIDO Dev (fido-dev), Lynitria Guient, FIDO Dev (fido-dev), Akshay R
Hi Mrs. Lynitria Guient

Could you guide me on steps to overcome the error I mentioned in my previous post. And if you know any other libraries that are easier to work with could you please share links to them.

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