TIA Monthly Newsletter: November 2020

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Stephanie Kucera

Oct 28, 2020, 4:01:15 PM10/28/20
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TIA Monthly Newsletter
November 2020
Just-In-Time Tip
  • Just as the November TIA Monthly Newsletter hits your inbox, TEA is preparing to release the Revised Cohort D Readiness Checklists, Application, and Scoring Rubric. Notice the order in which this is listed...Readiness Checklists followed by Application. It will be important to spend time comparing current practices to Key Practices and the Success Criteria. Consider artifacts and evidence in place. What documentation exists (either hard copy or electronic format) that proves your practices are systemic and implemented with fidelity across all campuses? In many instances, the conversation may be, “We don’t do any of that.” Once gaps are identified, decisions can be made about actions moving forward. Assign tasks with due dates and a protocol to follow-up. Note: Revised Cohort D Readiness Checklists will be posted here by November 2, 2020.  
Action Items
Cohort D (and planning ahead for Cohort E)
  • Establish TIA leads and cross-functional team. Identify co-leads to champion the work and bring in a  cross-functional team that represents experts in teacher observation, data analysis, HR, budgeting, planning, etc. 
  • Establish the case for change. Have conversations about “why” your LEA should do TIA. Consider the pros and cons, then anticipate and mitigate risks.
  • Develop stakeholder teams/engagement processes. Consider existing structures for meetings to make good use of those pre-existing dates and times already on the calendar. Remember teachers as key stakeholders.
  • Determine readiness for teacher observation and student growth. Spend time in thoughtful consideration of current practices for the first two success factors of the Readiness Checklist. (See “just-in-time tip” above.)
  • Consider training needs. Early conversations around teacher observation and student growth may reveal additional training is needed. Reach out to your ESC Region 12 partners for assistance.
  • Decide how you will gather and store artifacts and evidence. Do you currently use google folders or your LMS? Decide who will be responsible for organizing and storing documents. Consider which documents will be used in-house for staff and which documents would be good for your public-facing website.
  • Present initial information sessions to stakeholder groups. Consider a basic overview of the TIA for your school board, teachers at all campuses, parent groups, site-based groups, etc. 
  • Convene stakeholder groups. Throughout the multi-year TIA process (even beyond the submission of the application), LEAs will continue to engage stakeholder groups for feedback loops. Keep in mind information + input = investment
  • Begin budget discussions. While there may be no budget line item during this initial planning year, the budget/finance department will need to be involved in discussions in order to ensure compliance with HB 3. 

Hot Topics / FAQs
Teacher Observation
Consider creating a calendar for each of the essential actions listed for teacher observation.

  • July: Check Appraiser Certification. Send reminders to recertify where needed. Upon hiring new administrators, schedule T-TESS training where needed.

  • August: Conduct a calibration activity with the appraiser team. Schedule campus T-TESS updates for returning teachers and initial training for new staff. Review district expectations. Consider the number of observations, walkthroughs, and feedback expectations.

  • Mid Year: Run T-TESS appraiser report for Domain 2 and 3. Check for skew: dimensions, between appraisers, subject matter. Plan Collaborative Walks to observe areas of concern. Debrief.

  • End of Year: Run T-TESS reports and Student Growth Reports. Administrative team checks for skew and correlation. Plan and schedule training to address gaps for the upcoming year.

Upcoming Dates

  • November 2 - Cohort D Revised Readiness Checklists, Application and Scoring Rubric post to TIA website

  • Cohort D Application Q&A Sessions with TEA (3:00-5:00 p.m.): ALL districts, November 12 and 13; SMALL districts, November 18 and 19

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