Re: Feeding issues with DyzExtruder-GT and DyzEnd-X

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Jan 15, 2024, 10:02:01 AMJan 15
Hello John,
As this is a duplicate thread, we answered on the other one instead.

On Fri, Jan 12, 2024 at 8:49 PM John Soler <> wrote:
Could I please get assistance with an issue.
I just finished installing and setting up my DyzExtruder-GT and DyzEnd-X with a .4mm nozzle.
On my first test print the filament stopped feeding about the 6th layer,  the extruder seemed to be pushing but it did not feed thru.
I removed the filament ( I have attached a picture of the filament condition once I removed it), cut of the end and inserted more filament. And tried to print again, This time about the 3rd layer it stopped feeding again.
I again removed the filament, and this time tried to push the filament thru by hand ( the nozzle was at 215c. and it would not push thru.
I removed the End from the extruder and removed the nozzle. While the nozzle was still hot I was able to push filament thru the nozzle easily. But If I tried to push filament thru the DyzEnd-X it would not feed.
It seems to be getting jammed in the transition tube. If I insert the filament by hand into the DyzeEnd-X it will enter the transition tube about 7.46mm before it hits a some type of clog.

I was using HELLO3D Glow in The Dark PLA Filament, Orange Luminous Filament 1.75mm.

Any help with would be greatly appreciated.

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