Pellet Sensor in Heated Chamber

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Eric Leahy

Aug 8, 2023, 4:36:41 PM8/8/23
Is there an upper temperature limit for the pellet sensor?

Whenever we take our chamber above 40°C its performance becomes erratic.

Above 50°C and it doesn't work at all.  The failure method for this doesn't trigger the controller board at all.  When we cycle the power on the pellet control board, the light doesn't come on at all, and the venturi is not triggered.  We have unplugged the sensor and then cycle power again, to get the venturi to trigger to finish the prints.

Is there a higher temperature option for this?  Or do we need to extend the water cooled loop to have a block on the sensor as well?

Thank you.


Aug 21, 2023, 8:38:20 AM8/21/23
to DYZE DESIGN, Eric Leahy
Hi Eric!

The provided capacitive sensor with the Pulsar isn't designed for high temperature. I'm pretty sure the threshold change with temperature using our current sensor.

You can find some High Temperature capacitive sensor such as this one:
A simple plate with a center threaded hole and the bolt 

I hope it helps!

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