Horizon Integration with Rapido and Orbiter

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Dominik Samol

Nov 30, 2023, 12:09:38 PM11/30/23
I need help in integrating the Horizon into my setup.
I want to run it on a lightweight gantry and that rules out heavy extruders. To mee it looks logical to mount the hotend to the sensor and having the only connection between extruder and hotend as a small part of the ptfe tube. What concerns me is in which direction I can load the sensor for successfull measurement and if the tube will interfere with the sensor.

My questions are:
1. in which ways can the Horizon measure
2. Will it work with a ptfe tube inbetween
3. Do you have already designs I can use as template?

My ways to mount are:
Adapting the Breakneck design: https://github.com/leddhedd/BreakNeck

And now I need a way to add Horizon.

Regards Dominik

Technical Support

Dec 4, 2023, 10:31:54 AM12/4/23
to ing.domi...@gmail.com, DYZE DESIGN
Hello Dominik,

We answered your questions in your open support ticket, please have a look in your email.

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