Breaking Change #46756: Drop reference to Observatory in VM service console message

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Ben Konyi

Jul 29, 2021, 1:34:12 PMJul 29
Intended Behavior Change
Update the VM service message to no longer reference Observatory as it will no longer be shipped with the SDK in a future release (TBD). Observatory users will instead be directed to use DevTools for debugging via an existing message and the Observatory string will be replaced by the a message similar to the following:

A Dart VM service is listening on

Current Behavior
Currently, invoking the VM with either --observe or --enable-vm-service outputs a message to stdout similar to Observatory listening on Various pieces of tooling and testing infrastructure scrape stdout for this message in order to determine the VM service URI (e.g., flutter_tools).

Expected Impact
Tooling which relies on the Observatory message being printed to stdout will fail to connect to running Dart applications. This will mostly only impact tooling and tests which are not already relying on the --write-service-info= flag to write the VM service connection information to disk.

Impacted tooling should be updated to support the new VM service message and also support the legacy Observatory message if the tool supports arbitrary Dart versions.

Please reach out with questions or concerns about this change on the tracking issue: dart-lang/sdk#46756
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