Breaking changes 44621 and 44622: dart:ffi API changing

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Daco Harkes

Jan 12, 2021, 9:11:16 AM1/12/21
to Dart Announcements
If you do not use dart:ffi you may stop reading now.

We're making a breaking change where invocations of dart:ffi's  sizeOf<T extends NativeType>(), Pointer<T>.elementAt(), Pointer<T extends Struct>.ref, and Pointer<T extendsStruct>[] require T to be compile-time constants 

We're also making a breaking change where subclasses of Struct are required to have at least one field.

These changes are being made for the Dart 2.12 release.

See the official breaking change requests: Compile-time type arguments. No empty structs.

Please add comments to the issues if you have concerns about these changes.

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