Dart v1.4 Release Notes

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Kevin Moore

May 21, 2014, 2:21:47 PM5/21/14
to anno...@dartlang.org

  • Observatory is a new tool for performance analysis and introspection of running programs. Observatory is included with the standalone VM and Dartium. Observatory 1.4 includes a CPU profiler, allocation profiler, code coverage, and a hyper linked view into the VM running your program. Read more about Observatory on the Dart website.
  • Reading files with the Dart VM is up to 6 times faster. You will see improvements for whole-file reads as well as file streaming, especially for larger files.
  • dartanalyzer is now 100% Dart. No Java needed.
Core SDK
  • dart:collection
    • New Map classes - MapBase, UnmodifiableMapBase, MapView, UnmodifiableMapView
  • dart:convert
    • JsonEncoder now has a withIndent constructor to create “pretty” output.
  • dart:io
    • New named argument for ByteBuilder constructor: ‘copy’.
    • HttpResponse - new bufferOutput property
    • HttpResponse - detachSocket added named writeHeaders argument
    • HttpClient: a number of helper methods have been added
    • Experimental: ServerSocket reference - Makes it possible to share a ServerSocket across multiple isolates.
    • Added WebSocket.fromUpgradedSocket and deprecated the default constructor.
  • dart:profiler
    • A new library that allows your program to interface with the CPU profiler in Observatory.
Dart Editor
  • The ‘Expressions’ view now works for command-line apps when debugging.
  • Pub Serve launch configuration now supports debugging.
  • Support for 'Rename' refactoring from HTML editor.
  • Quick Fix for replacing 'new' instance creation with 'const' where constant is expected.
  • Code completion for Angular directive attributes.
  • Semantic highlighting for function type alias.
  • Initial Polymer support.
  • Fixes for indenting when move/copy lines.
  • Use UTF-8 as a default charset for Dart projects.
  • "pub cache repair" was added to re-download broken cached packages.
  • Pub now supports user-defined declaring and lazy transformers.
  • The version solver is now a little more clever about backtracking and displays better error messages when it fails.
  • "pub publish" will no longer timeout after 30 seconds when uploading a large package.
  • dartanalyzer is now 100% Dart. No Java needed.
  • Improved performance of Dart-based analyzer.
  • Bug fixing and hardening.
  • yaml output has been removed
  • --indent-json option has been added
  • Where appropriate, doc json is generated in alphabetical order
  • Constants in as default values for arguments are rendered more cleanly
  • Arguments that are in-line function definitions are rendered more cleanly
Three new contributors
  • Martin Charles - did work to improve the markdown library used by docgen. This allows images to be included in API documentation.
  • Anders Holmgren - added a new feature to the shelf package.
  • Alex Gann - updated the Pop, Pop, Win! sample which ships in the Dart Editor.

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