Breaking change: Deprecation and discontinuation of standalone Dart tools

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Michael Thomsen

May 25, 2021, 11:44:36 AMMay 25
to Dart Announcements

Historically the Dart team has offered a number of smaller developer tools for things like formatting code (dartfmt), analyzing code (dartanalyzer), etc. In Dart 2.10 (October 2020) we introduced a new unified Dart developer tool, the dart tool.

Intended change

As we discussed at launch in the blog post, we plan to first deprecate and then discontinue the smaller tools in favor of the new combined tool. 

The first tools will be deprecated in the upcoming 2.14 release. For details, please see the breaking change issue:


With the new unified tool the existing tools are no longer needed. To reduce maintenance, and ensure we offer a single high-quality toolset the old comments are being removed.

Should you have any issues with missing functionality in the new dart-based tools, please file an issue in the Dart SDK issue tracker.


To migrate, switch to using the dart tool, and the subcommands listed in the above table.

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