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Change content of a template repeat tag at runtime Günter Zöchbauer 12/19/13
Switch web_ui to use path 1.0.0 (issue 111893006) Sigmund Cherem 12/10/13
add more info to the web_ui readme about polymer.dart (issue 69283003) jmes...@google.com 11/11/13
Fix attributeChanged signature in WebUI (needs latest cherry-pick of custom (issue 55233009) Sigmund Cherem 11/4/13
Re: WebUI fixes for SDK 0.8.10 (issue 50433010) jmes...@google.com 11/4/13
WebUI fixes for SDK 0.8.10 (issue 50433010) Sigmund Cherem 11/1/13
webui fixes for 0.8.9 (issue 55143003) Sigmund Cherem 10/31/13
fix webui for sdk 0.8.7 (issue 49223002) Sigmund Cherem 10/28/13
Fix in webui needed from API change in dart:html (issue 27547002) Sigmund Cherem 10/16/13
Fix warnings and errors detected by dart2js. (issue 26355003) Sigmund Cherem 10/7/13
Re: [pkg:polymer] add support for bool/int/double/String attributes (issue 22417004) jmes...@google.com 10/3/13
Fixes needed in webui for sdk 7.1.0 (issue 23513017) Sigmund Cherem 9/4/13
Changes in webui to comply with the safe html changes. Now that Nodes can be (issue 23532024) Sigmund Cherem 8/30/13
Fixed test running in polymer (issue 22903014) Terry Lucas 8/22/13
heads up: polymer.dart source code moving into main dart svn John Messerly 8/22/13
Introduce transformers for: (issue 22825012) Sigmund Cherem 8/21/13
move polymer.dart into dart svn (issue 23224003) jmes...@google.com 8/20/13
Fixed running in Dartium w/o build step (issue 22831012) Terry Lucas 8/19/13
[pkg:web_ui] fix insertBefore case (issue 23072022) jmes...@google.com 8/19/13
Change boot.js semantics to match what we are planning for Dartium (issue 22887029) Sigmund Cherem 8/19/13
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