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Dart v1.5 Release Notes

Kevin Moore Jun 26, 2014 4:35 PM
Posted in group: Dart Announcements

This is a summary of the changes available in Dart 1.5.

  • Core SDK

    • dart:collection

      • New MapMixin, SetMixin, SetBase

    • dart:io:

      • HttpClient - new maxConnectionsPerHost property

  • “Dartium” is now based on Chrome 36

  • Pub

    • Better version resolution

    • Support for lazy transformers

    • Remove support for the deprecated "asset" directory

    • Optimize startup for pub build and serve

    • Improve performance and memory usage of pub serve on Windows

  • Editor

    • New mobile support - launch and debug on a connected Android device

    • Integration with Observatory

    • Formatter improvements

    • Reduced memory usage

    • New low memory warnings and recommendations

    • Various refactoring, debugging, and editing fixes

  • Observatory

    • Better allocation profile page with faster refresh.

    • Better code coverage UI and faster code coverage collection.

    • Improved VM and Isolate landing pages.

    • It’s now possible to identify hot DOM calls using the CPU profiler.

  • Debian wheezy binary package

    • Get the Dart SDK on a Debian server

    • Find it on the download page for Linux