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Jan 27, 2023, 5:00:40 PMJan 27


We Nurture Spiritually Courageous People

Who Transform the World through 

Justice and Compassion

Explore our website to learn more about everything we are doing.

Jan 29 - Neighborhood Networks Dot Sunday - after service

Jan 29 - Crossing Paths - 1pm RSVP:

Jan 29 - OWL - 1pm

Grades 7-9 in YRUU room

Grades K-1 in Innovations room

Feb 2 - “My Grandmother’s Hands” Bookclub - zoom 2 - 7 pm

Feb 4 - Families Care - Social Hall - 4pm donate:

Feb 12 - Bowl Painting Party to benefit Many Mansions - Social Hall - 12:30 pm


In Person & Online Service - 10 am

Michael Eselun

Spiritual Report Cards

How many of us live our lives as if there will be a report card at the end of the term? What would constitute an “A” in your book, spiritually speaking? And does it matter? Oncology chaplain and popular guest speaker Michael Eselun will explore these questions.

Join us in person or for the Zoom Meeting at 10 am 

Meeting ID: 209 555 249

Phone: 16699009128

Password: 2020

Stay after service this Sunday to connect with your neighbors!

After service we will meet with Chalice attendees in our regions. If you’ve never participated in our Neighborhood Networks, here is a general map to give you an idea of which group you belong to:

If you are here on our campus, we’ll break up into our groups and meet in the following rooms:

10 Degrees Cooler in Innovations (upstairs in Fellowship Hall)

Newbury Neighbors in Social Hall (downstairs in Fellowship Hall)

Suddenly Seymour and Eastenders in Library (upstairs in Fellowship Hall)

Wild West & Meadowood in Nest (upstairs in Fellowship Hall) 

If you are online, stay on Zoom and someone will put you into the appropriate breakout room. 

We are excited for everyone to have the opportunity to connect and hope to see you all there!

Any questions? Reach out to Sharon Slentz who is our Neighborhood Network Director.

Crossing Paths for Adults 


1-2:30 in Social Hall 

January - Quakerism

February - Hinduism



Sundays - 1:00 pm

Grades 7-9 in YRUU room

Grades K-1 in Innovations room

Please address any communications or questions to:

Diapers and Wipes Drive 

Sponsored by the Third Monday Chalice Circle

Continues this Sunday and through February 5th

We have learned that many parents in our local community are struggling to meet the rising costs of diapers for their babies. Chalice would like to help the Conejo Community Outreach Center with their ‘diaper drive’ and will be collecting diapers and wipes beginning this Sunday and throughout January.

More specifically, they need:

  • All brands are accepted and appreciated but the diaper bank is especially grateful for donations of Huggies or Pampers diapers. 

  • The diaper bank can accept open boxes of diapers, and even open sleeves — just make sure they are labeled with brand and size. 

  • Most requested sizes: 5, 6, and 4t/5t pull ups, but any size donation is wonderful! 

  • If you’d like to donate wipes, the diaper bank asks for unscented, sealed packs. 

The third Monday Afternoon Chalice Circle is also contributing to this collection. Please join them in donating and helping our local parents. 

Please Look for the collection box in Fellowship Hall when you come by on Sunday. For more information please contact: 

Andy Pletcher

Jill Lewis

Chalice Lighting

To start your day, a meeting, or before a meal

We come together to light the chalice of our community, both in person and virtually–  as a way of reminding ourselves of our common light, the spark within—the light we carry and the and the light we give away.  May we fan the flame of spirit within ourselves and each other–  with encouragement, with compassion, with a willingness to be a witness... knowing that it is enough.  It is more than enough. It is what we came for.   

Mindful of Race Book Group

Next Meeting Feb 2nd

First and third Thursday of the month from 7pm-8:30pm

Families Care  

 Care Kit Assembly followed by Potluck!

February 4th 4-6pm

Sign up to donate items:

Come to a Bowl Painting Party to benefit Many Mansions!!!

Sunday, February 12th at 12:30 in Social Hall

(right after our Sweetheart Serenade and Potluck)



Participants will be given a bowl to paint which will later be given away to attendees of the Bowls of Hope Fundraiser.  

There’s a $30 per bowl fee to cover the supplies, glazing and firing process.  (Scholarships are available.)

Come, have fun, and help support the children and adult services of Many Mansions at the same time!!

To be sure we have enough bowls, please sign up in advance here:

Dear Members and friends of Chalice, 

While Reverend Nica is away on her sabbatical, we wish to provide you this clear guide to communicating with Chalice. Rev Anne is on many of the email lists below, however as a quarter-time Minister, she will not be expected to deal with the day-to-day activities. Our strong leadership teams will be available to assist and serve you.


Please reach out using the following pathways: 

1. If you are concerned about a sudden problem, health concern, or need in your family, please reach out to the Pastoral Care Team at Team members are Carol Jones, Carol Rosenthal, Andy Pletcher, Judy Blades, and Mary Freed.


2. If there is a question about our physical buildings, perhaps you left something in the sanctuary and need it before the following Sunday, please reach out to our Administrator, Ana Johnson at or our Facilities Director Chuck Fernald at .


3. If you feel there is a covenantal problem between you and another Chalice member, please reach out to the Committee On Shared Ministry (COSM) at The members are Jill Schlaus, Tim Snowber, Shane Niebergall, Randall Edwards and Tom Wolf. You may reach out to any of them individually if you prefer. They will make a referral to our Conflict Resolution team if necessary.


4. If there is a concern about the congregation's spiritual health, or specifically how we are doing in Rev Nica’s absence, please reach out to the Committee On Shared Ministry at


5. If there is a Chalice policy or mission/vision or big-picture leadership issue that you have a question about, or think needs addressing, please reach out to the Board at or The members are Annie Barker, Matt Chapa, Andy Pletcher, Don Cooper, Ayanna Gaines, Brandi Portereiko, and David Buss.


6. If there is a question regarding Worship, please address it to Tim Snowber on behalf of the Worship Team or


7. If there is a question regarding News and Notes, or scheduling something at Chalice, please reach out to our Chalice Administrator Ana Johnson at


8. Site Visioning Team meets weekly. If you want to talk about or to the Site Visioning Team contact: or take the survey.

9. Community Life and Social Justice Teams continue to serve you and the wider community. To share, contribute or suggest Contact and/or 

Please note that if there is a Pastoral Care emergency you can contact Rev Anne privately at .

If you missed the Dec. 4th service all about the Sabbatical with Rev. Nica and Rev. Anne you can watch that Here

All of this can be accessed on our google shared drive: Members/Sabbatical folder using your email address in Breeze or Here, and on our website: News/sabbatical pull down or Here


In community, faith, & service,

Annie Barker, COSM, and The Board of Trustees

Families with elementary age kids, our district mountain camp invites you to:

“Choose Your Own Adventure”

2023 UU Elementary Family Winter Camp

This camp is for youth grades K through 6 and their families.

Saturday, February 18 – Monday, February 20, 2023

Deans: Shannon and Bill Stoker

Registration is OPEN!

This camp is designed for kids in elementary school at the time of camp. Campers in grades 2–6 are encouraged to come to Camp and stay on their own in cabins with well-trained and talented counselors. While we welcome younger children to this camp, there is no programming provided for Junior and Senior High young people. These youth are welcome to attend our summer camps that are focused on their age groups.

If your 2–6 grade camper is not feeling quite ready for the counselor-cabin, they have the option of staying with their family in a family-cabin. Younger siblings (grades K-1) are invited along for the fun but must stay with their parent/guardian in a family-cabin. The littlest of siblings (Pre-K and below) are welcome at appropriate activities but must always be accompanied by a parent throughout the day.

Registration fees:

Camper (Kindergarten to 6th Grade):  $185

Accompanying sibling (3 years to Pre-K):  $125

Accompanying sibling (infant to 2 years):   $0

Adult Parent/Guardian:  $185

Questions about registration, contact our registrar, Laura Chamberlin, at Questions about EFWC details, programming or camper concerns, contact our Camping Ministries Director, Marianne Swift-Gifford, at

Our Contact Information

Camp de Benneville Pines

41750 Jenks Lake Road West

Angelus Oaks, CA 92305

(909) 794-2928

SAVE THE DATES!  Plan ahead for summer 2023 camps 

(registration will open in March):

Elementary camp: July 9-15

Middle School camp: July 16-22

Sr High School camp: July 23-29

Family Camp: July 30-Aug 5th.

Chalice Women’s Retreat 2023

Hope you’ll join us at Camp de Benneville Pines

Friday, March 24 through Sunday, March 26

We are planning a return to the mountains for fellowship. 

Our theme this year is Being Enough! 

The camp is 2.5 – 4.5 hours away, nestled in the Jeffrey Pines of the San Bernadino Mountains, not far from Big Bear or Redlands. We sleep in heated cabins, with full bathrooms, and meals are included.  We take turns sharing in the meal preparation and most women choose to carpool to and from the retreat. Participation in the program portion is expected, and there is always time for crafts, hiking, and quiet reflection.  

The camp is only allowing fully vaccinated campers, and may even require a booster, still to be determined. Social distancing will not really be possible. We will be cooking together and sharing the small common area during our meals and program portion. Please consider whether you will be comfortable in that setting, then click the link  to register and take an important survey. Your responses are important to us. Your input helps us make the best judgment calls as we consider plans for keeping our community safe and engaged. Women's Retreat Survey/Registration

The price is $160, and some scholarships will be available if needed. If you choose to participate, please register at the link above  by Sunday, January  30, the sooner the better.   Contact Jill Schlaus or Andy Pletcher with additional questions. 

Your Retreat Team:

Jill Schlaus, Andy Pletcher & Kelly Castillo

Consider joining the Chalice Social Justice Facebook group. To learn about latest events supporting Black Lives Matter, Climate Justice and other concerns, click  on:  

Your Guide to the Inflation Reduction Act 

Everything you need to know to maximize your savings!

The Inflation Reduction Act is full of incentives to help you and your family go electric. But there’s a lot to explore and understand, from electric appliances you may not even know about yet to the best way to structure your electric journey for maximum savings. Our Go Electric guide provides everything you need to know to start using the electric bank account full of money you now have to electrify your household.

Get your free guide here:

Chalice has many Social Action groups 

to engage with on a monthly basis! 

Racial Justice Team: 2nd Wednesday of Each Month - 5:30 - 7 pm 

BIPOC UU Tri-County Collaborative: 2nd Thursday of the month - 6 pm 

The Citizen’s Climate Lobby Meeting: 2nd Saturday of the month - 9 am 

Chalice Climate Action Team Meeting: 4th Sunday of the Month -12:30 pm 

Community Forum Team Meeting: 4th Monday of the month

Friday, January 27

7:30pm Movie Group 1 (zoom)

Saturday, January 28

7:30am AA Meeting

10:00am OA Meeting

Sunday, January 29

10:00am Chalice Worship Service (Zoom 2)

11:30am RE: Reflections 

11:30am RE: Serenity 

11:30am RE: YRUU 

11:30am Neighborhood networks

1:00pm OWL 7-9 & K-2

1:00pm Crossing Paths for Adults - Quakerism

5:00pm Newcomer AA Meeting

Wednesday, February 1

6:00pm Sitevisioning meeting (zoom2)

6:00pm Overeaters Anonymous

7:00pm Choir Rehearsal

Thursday, February 2

10:30am Jonquil Women's Group (zoom)

4:30pm Stewardship Meeting (zoom2 )

7:00pm Book Club: My Grandmother's Hands (zoom2)

Other ways to get involved or stay connected:

Or reach out to us here:

Chalice Office # (805) 498-9548 - Messages will be checked regularly.

Rev. Nica Eaton-Guinn, Minister, is on Sabbatical until May

Explore our website to learn more about everything we are doing.

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