Mix of URL handlers (serve html pages and REST interface)

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May 24, 2016, 8:27:46 AM5/24/16
to onion-dev

I'm starting with the onion library and trying to create a HTTP server that will send me the html files located in the directory "pages", and also be a REST server for all URL starting with "config/".
Looking at the examples, I was able to create a small REST server like this:
    onion_url *urls=onion_root_url(o); 
    onion_url_add_static(urls, "config/version", "0.0.1\r\n", HTTP_OK);
    onion_url_add(urls, "config/hello", hello);

I can also be a simple webserver for all my html files located in "pages":
    onion_handler *dir=onion_handler_export_local_new("pages");
    onion_handler_add(dir, onion_handler_static("<h1>404 - File not found.</h1>", 404) );
    onion_set_root_handler(o, dir);

Now I don't know how to combine both. I mean, I want to get pages/index.html if I request http://myhost/index.html, and I want to get "0.0.1" when I request http://myhost/config/version.
Maybe I have to create a root handler and then redirect the requests? I feel like I'm missing something very basic with the onion... Could someone here help me and provide me some code?

Thank you,

David Moreno Montero

May 24, 2016, 11:21:45 AM5/24/16
to gregoire...@gmail.com, onion-dev
I think you have two options:

1. `onion_url_add_handler(urls, "/", dir)`  to set a path, if the last it works a fall through
2. `onion_handler_add(onion_url_to_handler(urls), dirs)` a real fall through from any non yet matched url, should have a little bit better performance


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May 25, 2016, 3:27:15 AM5/25/16
to onion-dev, gregoire...@gmail.com
Thank you!
I was able to make it work with second solution:
    onion_url *urls=onion_root_url(o);
    /* REST URLs */
    onion_url_add_static(urls, "", "SBC HTTP Web Server\r\n", HTTP_OK); /* root page */

    onion_url_add_static(urls, "config/version", "0.0.1\r\n", HTTP_OK);
    onion_url_add(urls, "config/hello", hello);
    onion_url_add(urls, "config/number", number);
    /* HTML pages are in this subfolder */
    onion_handler *dir=onion_handler_export_local_new("pages");
    onion_handler_add(onion_url_to_handler(urls), dir); /* fall through from any non yet matched url */

Best Regards,
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