conda installed as root, not accessible as non-root

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Susan Munster

Jun 3, 2021, 2:25:12 PMJun 3
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I have conda 4.10.1 installed on my linux redhat 8.4.  When I carried out the installation, while logged in as root, it installed conda into my root directory.

When I am not logged in as root, but under my normal administrator login, with root permissions, the command calling conda isn't even recognized.  I can't access the root directory without being root and I have to think this is the reason why I can't access conda when I am not logged in as root.

I have tried removing the conda package using yum remove *conda* which didn't seem to do anything. 

I don't know how to remove conda or move it to another directory where I might be able to access it when not logged in as root.

I have already set the permissions for conda (and everything in the conda folder, rhel decided to call it miniconda3 for some reason) so that anyone should be able to read/write/execute and have also added the location for conda to my .bashrc profile as an alias.  When logged in under my normal administrative login conda isn't recognized as a command.

If anyone could suggest how to fix this, I would much appreciate it.  Of course RedHat's response is not-their-product-not-their-problem and I really have no idea how to fix this without possibly making a huge mess.  I am sure I need to post more info about my system, so please let me know what would be helpful to see.

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