ANACONDA NAVIGATOR, jupyter notebook start problem

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Jan 17, 2021, 10:32:17 AMJan 17
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I just did a fresh install of ANACONDA on Windows 10 on a new HD, after uninstalling an older version. When Anaconda  Navigator opens I see a jupyter notebook tab with the 'Install' option. If I click on 'Install' a Conda process error window opens with:

EnvironmentLocationNotFound: Not a conda environment: D:\Users\umogi\anaconda3

If I then click on Ok on the lower right of that error window jupyter notebook starts and runs ok. This annoying behavior is obviously connected with the old installation that was at D:\Users\umogi\anaconda3, as given in the error message. This old information was obviously not overwritten during the new install. Where is that information stored so that I can correct it??

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