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Controlling jitclass memory allocation Charles Cloud 12/2/16
Considering CUDA version bump Stanley Seibert 12/1/16
Thread and block size between different GPUs Chris Uchytil 11/28/16
cfunc: how to call from C code Martin Fiers 11/22/16
Numba Cuda: Dynamic data structures on the device side 11/17/16
llvmlite release Gui Coup 11/15/16
Pickling error when using jitclass Juan Nunez-Iglesias 11/7/16
Optimizing code for Numba Juan Nunez-Iglesias 11/7/16
numpy argmin and argmax Chris Uchytil 11/7/16
Writing a C callback function for use with ndimage.generic_filter Juan Nunez-Iglesias 10/31/16
Numba 0.29.0 Released Stanley Seibert 10/29/16
Newbie: How to run simple code with numba Raphael C 10/26/16
Linkage error on ARM 10/19/16
generate random numbers in a kernel Claudio Martella 10/18/16
Numba Surface Objects and Texture Objects Chris Uchytil 10/11/16
2d Stencil Operation For cuda Ebad Ali 10/6/16
numpy.arctan2 function can not be compiled under Windows?? 10/3/16
numba support for numpy.roots Chan Y. Park 9/30/16
Cannot use @numba.vectorize on a jitclass method 9/22/16
Calling external device functions 9/19/16
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