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Passing a (homogenous) list of numpy arrays to a jitted function Rémi Lehe 10:54 AM
Blog post on multithreading and ParallelAccelerator Stanley Seibert 12/12/17
Numba 0.36 Released! Stanley Seibert 12/8/17
if_else yields the exit block of the if Colton Williams 12/5/17
pyculib questions? Jeffrey Layton 12/5/17
pyculib gemm function Chris 12/4/17
How to access BLAS without GIL? Jacob Schreiber 11/30/17
Numba 0.36 Release Candidate Available Stanley Seibert 11/29/17
Cupy vs Numba Victor Escorcia 11/28/17
`floor` function on GPU Rémi Lehe 11/28/17
prange and numpy.random Peter Helstrup Jensen 11/27/17
Extending __getitem__ Jim Pivarski 11/27/17
How to enable NRT? Ewan Douglas 11/11/17
best way to express bit rotation? Jason Sachs 11/11/17
int128 and uint128 support? Jason Sachs 11/9/17
python version trouble trying to install numbapro Philip R. Baldwin 11/8/17
Numpy advanced indexing with 1D and 2D index arrays in one function J Ello 11/8/17
Does Numba use multiple cores? 11/7/17
Numba-cuda randomly fails to compile with the Nvidia driver version 381.22 Rémi Lehe 11/7/17
I cannot get numpy or math to work at all with guvectorize and target 'cuda' Jesse Lomask 11/6/17
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