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Need help understanding memory cleanup when using Numba Brian Merchant 2/7/16 only supported on contiguous arrays? 2/6/16
Coding for numpy.percentile() JustIntonation 2/5/16
Weird performance issues with odeint/custom integrator Frank Hellmann 2/3/16
repr or str of jitclass object Michael Boyle 2/2/16
unpredictable behavior when I use guvectorize on multi-core machine Pengyao Jiang 2/2/16
Ctypes function pointer to jitted function for use in scipy.integrate.quad Matthieu Dartiailh 2/1/16
Switching to LLVM 3.7 Antoine Pitrou 1/29/16 on reshaped array 1/28/16 only supported on contiguous arrays Nuno Calaim 1/27/16
Printing output from a function wrapped with numba @jit 1/26/16
OS X version compatibility and Numba Stanley Seibert 1/26/16
numba thread limit? Dustin Moore 1/26/16
generate random numbers in a kernel Claudio Martella 1/25/16
are numba cuda tests supposed to be SLOWER than numpy? Claudio Martella 1/25/16
(gu)vectorize by controlling host-device memory transfers? Claudio Martella 1/24/16
Numba 0.23.1 bugfix release Stanley Seibert 1/21/16
ANN: (numba-accelerated interpolation library) Pablo Winant 1/21/16
Numba 0.23 Released! Stanley Seibert 1/16/16
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