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Lowering error when using a jitclass instance within a vectorized method Gil Dobry 10/14/17
extending list getitem Joris Geessels 10/12/17
Collections of jitclass instances Peter Kucirek 10/5/17
How does prange() work? Peter Kucirek 10/3/17
Actua value of registers Samaneh Berenjian 9/26/17
Device array memory allocation Chris 9/25/17
Why the matrix multiplication on GPU is slower than CPU? 施政丞 9/25/17
parallel performance Gideon Simpson 9/13/17
Help needed! How to specify numba.jit arguments for read-only numpy arrays? Jason Sachs 9/13/17
trunc, zext Samaneh Berenjian 9/13/17
Numba 0.35 Released! Stanley Seibert 9/8/17
numba PSO code Bhaskar Dhariyal 9/7/17
Recommended manner of dealing with small arrays; or compile-time constant arrays Eelco Hoogendoorn 9/6/17
Numba 0.35.0 Release Candidate Stanley Seibert 9/6/17
jitclass with class composition and class members J Ello 9/5/17
Different outputs at each execution Aldo Camargo 9/5/17
datetime64 arithmetic Artemi Krymski 9/1/17
Python cannot find Numba in OS X Anders Host-Madsen 9/1/17
creating an array with Structured Scalar dtype, inside a jitted function Anthony Morgan 8/31/17
using lower_cast (or finding some other way to divide datetimes) Anthony Morgan 8/30/17
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