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numba 0.16 gives llvmlite.llvmpy error 5/26/15
JIT Linking of __host__ functions? 5/25/15
Creating `numpy` arrays in nopython mode? Brian Merchant 5/25/15
Numba 0.19 Beta - Request for Testing Stanley Seibert 5/22/15
@vectorize(target='gpu') ufuncs 2D only? GC B 5/20/15
How to interpret the cuda.test() report 5/20/15
ERROR! Session/line number was not unique in database. GC B 5/18/15
newbie not understanding @guvectorize target='gpu' failures GC B 5/18/15
Frequency count with RadixSort? 5/18/15
Yielding GPU to windows briefly to prevent resets? Dustin Moore 5/17/15
freeze or obfuscate Carmelo Viavattene 5/14/15
GPU version of numpy data sum Christopher Wright 5/8/15
Pass a function as an argument Pablo Winant 5/7/15
Generalized ufunc signatures and output dimension Pablo Winant 5/7/15
Need insight on code design choices. Context: scipy.integrate.odeint, Numba, and Python classes Brian Merchant 5/5/15
Working and manipulating numpy arrays with numba Nuno Calaim 5/5/15
DGESV Fortran equivalent using Python/Numba 4/30/15
Using a Function as Input in Numba Nuno Calaim 4/28/15
Numba on tegra TK1 4/27/15
Dynamic Programming -> CUDA Jiri Pik 4/23/15
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