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Calling "typed python" wrapper from nopython Carlos Pita 5/25/16
jitclass questions: Neal Becker 5/25/16
overload of __call__ not supported in jitclass? Neal Becker 5/25/16
Numba 0.26 Released Siu Kwan Lam 5/24/16
R-essentials kernel installation 5/24/16
TypeError: Buffer dtype cannot be buffer when using custom numpy dtype 5/19/16
LinkerError with CUDA due to "Unsupported .version 4.3" 5/18/16
Numbapro isn't recognized as a module 5/18/16
Different results from CUDA kernel when using local variable inside loop Anthony Senyard 5/10/16
cuFFT memory allocation Christopher Wright 5/9/16
llvmlite installation on aarch64 Mr Marley 5/7/16
Numba and Numpy 1.11 conda conflict Michael Seifert 5/2/16
CUDA/numba: kernel/thread organization for complex problems -- is concept understanding proper? Brian Merchant 5/1/16
numba + cuda: possible to write "Python macros" to help make it easier to write long kernels? Brian Merchant 5/1/16
numba + cuda: best way to re-organize my algorithm? Brian Merchant 4/30/16
Is there any way to use jitclasses with multiprocessing? (and 2 other quick things) Jason Neuswanger 4/29/16
Re: [Numba] Post just disappeared? Stanley Seibert 4/28/16
Linear least squares with sparse matrices using Accelerate and cuda Wolfgang Kerzendorf 4/28/16
numba nopython mode error when use scipy.sepcial.erf Yuhao Li 4/24/16
Numba 0.25 Released! Stanley Seibert 4/23/16
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