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Matrix reduction with @reduce Andrea Cogliati 3/16/18
How to specify a read-only array to jit? 3/16/18
vectorized reduceat Juan Nunez-Iglesias 3/14/18
time complexity for convolution of image in cuda python Mayur Bhadani 3/14/18
LLVM 3.5 plans Stanley Seibert 3/14/18
3D rotation with CUDA Bushra Nazir 3/13/18
Can build a list/array of @jitclass objects and return them? Stuart Reynolds 3/12/18
Dispatching to multiple code paths with a ufunc Joshua Wilson 3/12/18
guvectorize function that returns a scalar? Feng Shi 3/12/18
guvectorize function that returns a scalar Feng Shi 3/10/18
Calling a CUDA vectorized function from another CUDA vectorized function Andrea Cogliati 3/5/18
Passing a class object as a function argument Erik Kjellgren 3/5/18
Setting device array to zero Stefan Doerr 3/5/18
CUDA initialization problem with Numba Farhana Sharmin Snigdha 3/5/18
Support for RPi? Acrimonious Mirth 3/5/18
cuda.const.array_like TypeError: 'Macro' object is not callable Patrick Lewis 3/5/18
Using copy_to_host() problem Andrea Zanzi 2/27/18
Using CUDA-aware MPI / GPUDirect with Numba 2/25/18
Signatures for __device__ __host__ functions Chris 2/23/18
pyculib questions? Jeffrey Layton 2/22/18
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