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Passing a struct between C++ code and functions compiled with @cfunc Radu Teodorescu 5/23/17
Blocking wait or time.sleep Kit Ham 5/23/17
Dict in nopython Juan Nunez-Iglesias 5/21/17
Boost numpy with jit nopython mode but seems no effect Will Tsing 5/21/17
Help with atomic/reduction problem Chris Uchytil 5/20/17
Not seeing much of a speedup 5/19/17
Parameters and guvectorize Carl Sanders 5/12/17
Numba / JIT produces invalid results Peter Würtz 5/12/17
ParallelAccelerator Leopold Haimberger 5/12/17
How does Numba calculate number of parallel threads required to perform a function in parallel aseem hegshetye 5/12/17
Environment variables Loïc Gouarin 5/11/17
Upcoming conference events of interest Stanley Seibert 5/11/17
guvectorize or jit code to check if a 2D array exist in a 3D list made of multiple 2D arrays. aseem hegshetye 5/11/17
Numba 0.33.0 Released (and GPU tutorial notebooks) Stanley Seibert 5/10/17
Generalized ufunc signatures and output dimension Pablo Winant 5/6/17
Numba 0.33 RC1 available on the numba channel Stanley Seibert 5/2/17
Multiple returns Gideon Simpson 5/1/17
Generic vector valued function problem Gideon Simpson 4/30/17
magic methods for jitclass William Beard 4/29/17
Returning bytes Honza Lefty 4/24/17
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