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Device array permutation/transpose Chris 5/20/18
Passing user data to SciPy LowLevelCallables Juan Nunez-Iglesias 5/16/18
Integrate a llvmlite pass in LLVM Michelle Ramur 5/15/18
Numpy attributes not recognized in Numba Kien Nguyen 5/2/18
Numba Cuda, multiple GPUs and host thread(s) Peter Klenner 4/27/18
AVX Inline Assembly with llvmlite Julian Hammer 4/27/18
Test for NAN? Stuart Reynolds 4/26/18
Numba 0.38.0 released! Stanley Seibert 4/25/18
Help parallelization for CPU 4/24/18
Help Converting NumPy Code to Numba CUDA Jit Sean Law 4/18/18
Numba 0.38 release candidate Stanley Seibert 4/14/18
Possible bugs with device signature and stream usage Chris 4/13/18
alloc numpy array in GPU kernel or device function 4/13/18
Python overheads when launching cuda kernels Rémi Lehe 4/13/18
NumPy N-Array Intersection on GPU Ben Scully 4/6/18
Reinitializing a jitclass instance's field without allocating memory Charles Cloud 4/5/18
0.38 release candidate delay Stanley Seibert 4/4/18
Building Numba without NumPy Marcus Ottosson 4/3/18
Is it possible to get a stack trace/line numbers when an exception happens? 3/31/18
Howto add signature of C function? Neal Becker 3/30/18
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