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Returning bytes Honza Lefty 4/24/17
Treat ndarray from closure as part of the signature? Compl Yue 4/20/17
ThreadPoolExecutor is not consistently reducing execution time B.J.D. Jacobs 4/18/17
Question Yazeed Alrubyli 4/17/17
Gobal vs Device Function Naming Chris Uchytil 4/13/17
Numba 0.32 released! Stanley Seibert 4/11/17
Yet another Numba optimization question Juan Nunez-Iglesias 4/11/17
Numba 1.0 and 2.0 Vision 4/10/17
Using jit/njit with solvers (higher-order functions) Jason Sachs 4/7/17
Best way to pass in a lot of parameters in nopython mode? (the structured data question) Jason Sachs 4/7/17
Numba Cuda: Any way to drop rows/columns from device array? 4/7/17
How to parallel with guvectorize? 4/7/17
Get numba to ignore unused conditional path William Beard 4/5/17
High-level extension API and internal operations Andreas Sodeur 4/4/17
Numba 0.32.0rc1 packages available Stanley Seibert 3/31/17
nopython mode jit yields worse performance with unique function William Beard 3/29/17
Getting system time Michael Yu 3/28/17
sum matrix in cuda python Ouamane Zahra 3/28/17
How to convert a 1d numpy array to a tuple in nopython mode? Peter Zsohar 3/28/17
Problems creating a reduction on cuda 3/24/17
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