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numba support for numpy.roots Chan Y. Park 9/30/16
Cannot use @numba.vectorize on a jitclass method Parth Patel 9/22/16
Numba Surface Objects and Texture Objects Chris Uchytil 9/21/16
Calling external device functions 9/19/16
numba import error, "cannot import name _typeconv", airgapped install of numba/llvmlite help Linwood Creekmore III 9/12/16
Build error with llvmlite; air gap so need to do this manually Linwood Creekmore III 9/12/16
numpy.roll function for numba 9/2/16
Can Numba handle int4, float4, etc.? Chris Uchytil 9/2/16
Numba 0.28.1 released Stanley Seibert 9/2/16
Numba and OpenGL Interop Chris Uchytil 8/31/16
Python sets in Numba 8/31/16
subscribe YueCompl 8/31/16
static compilation Kees ter Brugge 8/30/16
Is it possible to use or in CUDA kernel? Pei Li 8/24/16
llvmlite 0.13.0 released Antoine Pitrou 8/24/16
target='parallel' performance post numba=0.23.0 Dustin Moore 8/22/16
Weird Behaviour with CUDA and Shared Memory Simeon Verzijl 8/22/16
creating temporary arrays 8/19/16
Multiprocessing - to_device and to_host launched by different process Brunno Goldstein 8/15/16
The same codes got different results from different generations of GPU Pei Li 8/15/16
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