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This mailing list is to discuss issues and features around the conda package manager itself.   This group is not a place to discuss specific issues with conda packages.  These questions should be pushed to the appropriate forum for whomever created the recipe for the package in question.  For example, Anaconda package questions should be pushed to the public list

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Execute command in environment Toke Jepsen 5/23/16
R did not return any output when queried for directory location information Sung Yoon 5/21/16
Saved environment variables on Windows Toke Jepsen 5/21/16
Resumability in updating packages pretz 5/21/16
issue with building Python 3.5 extension on OSX David Froger 5/20/16
Tool to create wrappers around executables from environments Guilherme Melo 5/20/16
OSX symbol not found error when testing setuptools extension; does not occur on Linux-64 Sean Robertson 5/20/16
gcc / libgomp and @rpath on OS X Dougal Sutherland 5/20/16
custom channels in yaml Sayth Renshaw 5/19/16
error during prefix substitution of text file Jeremy McCormick 5/19/16
No module named mkl Vinh 5/19/16
PyQt4 vs sip versions Ray Osborn 5/19/16
conda 4.1.0 release candidate available Kale 5/19/16
Conda_Rdkit Farouk CHIBAT 5/18/16
Conda environments disappeared? Simone 5/17/16
Install egg file with Conda Edward Tortorici 5/16/16
conda R (mro) Can't open /etc/ldpaths Error Sung Yoon 5/12/16
`source activate env` breaks path Tim Hopper 5/11/16
anyone using matplotlib in conda virtual env??? Henrik Larsson 5/7/16
How to install miniconda on Travis-CI using 32bit and 64bit architecture (linux and osx)? Moritz Beber 5/7/16
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