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This mailing list is to discuss issues and features around the conda package manager itself.   This group is not a place to discuss specific issues with conda packages.  These questions should be pushed to the appropriate forum for whomever created the recipe for the package in question.  For example, Anaconda package questions should be pushed to the public list

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libpng 1.16 breaks pyqt on OSX Antonio 5/31/15
What is the right way to programmatically check if a binstar channel has a package? Matt Craig 5/29/15
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Fwd: conda install python fails on windows Josh Quigley 5/24/15
unable to run 'conda skeleton pypi' Mortada Mehyar 5/20/15
SSL support not compiled into conda psycopg2 package? David Moss 5/19/15
Environment variables when running test suites Floris Bruynooghe 5/19/15
Automatically build all pypi packages Stefan Otte 5/18/15
Conda releases Michele Mattioni 5/18/15
"conda build", setuptools and install_requires Antoine Pitrou 5/14/15
Advice on overriding conda's "defaults" channel with my own binaries Stuart Berg 5/14/15
Portable Conda Environments Corwin Brown 5/12/15
Skip platforms on conda-build Robert McGibbon 5/11/15
bizarre error crippling conda Darren Dale 5/11/15
Using environments on Windows Valentin Haenel 5/9/15
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