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This mailing list is to discuss issues and features around the conda package manager itself.   This group is not a place to discuss specific issues with conda packages.  These questions should be pushed to the appropriate forum for whomever created the recipe for the package in question.  For example, Anaconda package questions should be pushed to the public list

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conda update conda Mike Hagerty 5/19/18
update or install in one command? Jacob Vanderplas 5/15/18
conda install keras overwrites tensorflow-gpu with tensorflow (non-gpu package) Raul Diaz 5/11/18
Override .condarc file location? Skip Montanaro 5/11/18
PYTHON RUNNING ISSUE Swarup Panda 5/11/18
Tips to bring a minimal Miniconda install up to par with working Anaconda? Xtian Simon 5/9/18
Run python command from specific conda environment 5/9/18
Minimal miniconda install produces error when pip installing custom script Xtian Simon 5/8/18
Conda change channels / update reallybigprogrammer 5/8/18
qt 5.9 on MacOS 10.9 Thomas Holder 5/7/18
Adding conda-forge for only a single package in environment file Sudarshan Srinivasan 5/3/18
error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory Karen Guihou 5/3/18
where is the channel list stored in an environment? Chris Withers 5/2/18
Installing pymogo from Jupyter Notebook Peter Lucas 4/30/18
Alternative to `source activate` Paolo Di Tommaso 4/26/18
how to invoke two different conda env for the same bash pipeline from bash script bala krish 4/26/18
How to select a CRAN mirror in conda-build? Marek Gierliński 4/23/18
environment.yaml for reproducible environments, across operating systems Chris Withers 4/20/18
Why does `import tensorflow` not raise error if `Package(s) is missing from the environment`? 4/19/18
error in anaconda navigator אילן הינדי 4/19/18
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