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This mailing list is to discuss issues and features around the conda package manager itself.   This group is not a place to discuss specific issues with conda packages.  These questions should be pushed to the appropriate forum for whomever created the recipe for the package in question.  For example, Anaconda package questions should be pushed to the public list

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How do I promote a conda package from one channel to another? Matt Savoie 9:31 AM
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pip broken with error AttributeError: 'InstallRequirement' object has no attribute 'constraint' Kesten Broughton 8/19/15
removing a locally built package without editing repodata.json? Lev Givon 8/14/15
License files Jason Grout 8/12/15
conda binstar - package groups Sayth Renshaw 8/12/15
recommended way to update conda offline? George Coles 8/12/15
developing / debugging conda recipes Chris Barker - NOAA Federal 8/12/15
*NO* healthy workers on moble 8/10/15
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