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Welcome to the public support forum for Anaconda:   This mailing list is to allow users of the community-supported Python distribution from Continuum Analytics to support other free users.   If you need commercial support for Anaconda please email   For questions about Anaconda Add-Ons, email

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cython not working with python 3.4 in Anaconda3 genadij 2/28/15
ipython notebook v3 Format version issue. But can not understand why 2/28/15
Spyder fails to load after installing it into Miniconda3 with conda acflies 2/27/15
Anaconda pyodbc installation Windows 7 2/27/15
error message in numbapro cuda 施政丞 2/26/15
GDAL on 64-bit Linux 2/26/15
Installing Anaconda by Another Script and Sudo Mike 2/26/15
Mac OS X 10.9 "Unknown Terminal Type" error after installing R module 2/26/15
importing scipy failed after installing Anaconda successfully surf 2/26/15
external function python with cuda.jit 2/26/15
cython int not working genadij 2/26/15
Numbapro academic license expiring in 30 days? Arturo Opsetmoen A. 2/26/15
$PATH set up by install on Mac but not Linux? Chris Withers 2/26/15
conda_update_pandas VS conda_update_anaconda Dimitrios Chryssanthakopoulos 2/26/15
significance of build numbers in specs Chris Withers 2/25/15
PYMYSQL not importing Larry Green 2/25/15
Why error when install additional python package on anaconda? 2/25/15
galois field support Jason S 2/24/15
Re: [Anaconda Support] "command not found: condas" Ilan 2/23/15
How to fix "Python error: PyThreadState_Get: no current thread" Error? Samuel Dupree 2/23/15
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