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Welcome to the public support forum for Anaconda:   This mailing list is to allow users of the community-supported Python distribution from Continuum Analytics to support other free users.   If you need commercial support for Anaconda please email   For questions about Anaconda Add-Ons, email

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Sublime Text 3 / Anaconda interaction 2:44 PM
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Trying to build a package stored on github GaryP 11/23/15 11/23/15
module 'pandas' has no attribute 'Dataframe' Aastha 11/23/15
One ring to rule them all Skip Montanaro 11/23/15
Getting mkl FFT to run faster than scipy.fftpack 11/23/15
conda install mingw libpython - conflict gruppenzwangimweb20 11/21/15
Spyder - add color theme such as Tomorrow Night 11/21/15
Tkinter in Python 2.7 Dylan 11/21/15
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