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Welcome to the public support forum for Anaconda:   This mailing list is to allow users of the community-supported Python distribution from Continuum Analytics to support other free users.   If you need commercial support for Anaconda please email   For questions about Anaconda Add-Ons, email

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I have a problem when installation basemap module under Anaconda 3 (python 3.4.3) SungDeuk Park 7/2/15
Help Spyder crashes continuously while trying to access variable explorer Michael Wallace 7/2/15
Error in importing matplotlib 7/2/15
IPython notebook raises 404 not found because Serving notebook from local directory `C:\Users\Administrator` Sébastien Celles 7/2/15
Error importing tables in Anaconda Python in Windows 7 64-bit 7/1/15
Amazon glacier support in boto package broken Kartik 7/1/15
Anaconda installation error on Ubuntu 7/1/15
symlink to anaconda python just yields standard Mac OS X python install 7/1/15
Fortran on Windows64? Chris Barker 6/30/15
Open CV Window Error 6/29/15
OpenCV David Henderson 6/29/15
libfontconfig install failure when creating 'anaconda' environment, long /opt/ string Mike Gangl 6/29/15
Failed to create Anaconda menus error when installing Anaconda Ayala Allon 6/28/15
Re: [Anaconda Support] Linking binstar search and installing package Le Hoang Ha 6/28/15
Windows 64-bit, sqlite3 and fts4 Parkway 6/27/15
Wakari not working Subhajit Mishra 6/26/15
GDAL is not built with GEOS support 6/26/15
fontconfig libtool error 6/25/15
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