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Welcome to the public support forum for Anaconda:   This mailing list is to allow users of the community-supported Python distribution from Continuum Analytics to support other free users.   If you need commercial support for Anaconda please email   For questions about Anaconda Add-Ons, email

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Work on both Python 2X and python 3x Partha Sinha 11:00 AM
anaconda-verify complains about namespace pth files. Max Linke 10:00 AM
can't import pandas, statsmodels and matplotlib on Jupyter for anaconda Qiang Shen 6:51 AM
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Updating Anaconda when running PyCharms Community Edition 6:42 AM
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Error In Spyder After Anaconda Install 7/23/16
Slow downloads? Gideon Simpson 7/23/16
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Spyder refusing to launch after install Ryan 7/23/16
Help: Spyder wouldn't work again colla 7/23/16
Conda package providing python-gi Björn Johansson 7/23/16
Anaconda not able to access compilers, gcc, gfortran azad 7/22/16
Cannot activate any environment on Windows 7 Desktop Mo Aboulmagd 7/22/16
Anaconda version for OS 10.5.8 7/22/16
Keras module import error in spyder Rupert Young 7/22/16
ok to move files into miniconda3/envs/<env-name>/bin 7/22/16
Anaconda/GDAL: Error: Package missing in current win-64 channels: -gdal1.11.4* Florian Beyer 7/22/16
Anaconda 3 for Linux Has No ensurepip? Meng-Yuan Huang 7/22/16
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