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Dieu Cao

Mar 25, 2015, 6:27:33 PM3/25/15
to vcap...@cloudfoundry.org

There is a new stack based on Ubuntu Trust 14.04 LTS

The lucid64 stack that has been part of cf-release for several years as the root file system for containers will reach end of support for security fixes on April 29th, 2015 by Canonical. Developers or Operators will need to take action to ensure existing applications migrate to using the new stack.

cf-release v204 and later versions support the new stack called cflinuxfs2 derived from ubuntu 14.04 trusty

  • cflinuxfs2 is available as a stack for opt-in on DEAs `cf push app-name -s cflinuxfs2`

  • Diego is adding support for multiple rootfs on Cells - approximately 1 week out

Buildpacks should support the new stack

List of buildpacks that now support cflinuxfs2

Custom buildpacks should be tested with the new stack to ensure compatibility

Operator process for rolling out the new stack

To stay current with security fixes, at some point between now and April 29th, operators should switch default stack for new apps to cflinuxfs2. This means all new applications will get the new default stack.

  • Upgrade to cf-release 204 or later

    • If cc.stacks is not specified in the manifest, cflinuxfs2 will be added as a stack during the deploy

    • If cc.stacks is specified in the manifest, operators will need to add an entry for cflinuxfs2

   - name: cflinuxfs2
     description: Cloud Foundry Linux-based filesystem

Applications that were created prior to cflinuxfs2 being the default stack will have the lucid64 stack set and therefore developers or operators need to take action.

  • Operators should decide when to notify users that they’ll be vulnerable to not getting new security patches once lucid64 reaches end of support.

  • Operators should send notice such as that lucid64 is end of life, try out the new cflinuxfs2 stack

  • larger deployments should manage carefully forcing restaging of apps onto the new stack

  • lucid64 reaches end of support for security fixes on April 29th, 2015

  • shortly after April 29th, 2015, the lucid64 stack will be removed from cf-release

  • when a cf-release version without lucid64 is deployed, apps that have not yet switched to cflinuxfs2 will not start because their stack will no longer be available

    • force the change to the cflinuxfs2 stack and restage the applications with a custom script (be careful to do this in batches to not overwhelm the system with a stampeding herd).

    • leave the applications stopped and make the users change the stack

  • to remove lucid64 from the list of stacks that cloud controller returns, an admin will need to delete the stack via the cc api.

    • cf curl /v2/stacks/:lucid64_stack_guid -X DELETE


Mar 26, 2015, 11:06:00 AM3/26/15
to vcap...@cloudfoundry.org
Thanks for the detailed writeup!

Wenhao Chen

Apr 10, 2015, 4:43:55 AM4/10/15
to vcap...@cloudfoundry.org

Could you tell me how to compile ruby binary files just like"https://pivotal-buildpacks.s3.amazonaws.com_ruby_binaries_cflinuxfs2_ruby-1.9.3.tgz",

cause I have made a new stack, I have to recompile ruby



在 2015年3月26日星期四 UTC+8上午6:27:33,Dieu Cao写道:

Greg Oehmen

Apr 11, 2015, 11:54:52 AM4/11/15
to vcap-dev

As an update to Dieu's 3/25 message, there is now a CLI plugin called CF App Stack Changer available in the CF Community Plugin Repo at plugins.cloudfoundry.org / plugins.cfapps.io.   The plugin includes two commands: stack-list and stack-change.

Stack-Changer       1.0.0     stack-change               Update stacks for apps from lucid64 to cflinuxfs2. Restart started apps.
Stack-Changer       1.0.0     stack-list                       List all apps running on stack lucid64.

With stack-list, you can list all apps that currently run on lucid64 or filter by org or by org/space.

With stack-change, you can update all apps from lucid64 to cflinuxfs2.  You can simply update all at once or you can specify by org/space and also throttle by declaring a number of apps to update in parallel with the -p flag.  

As an example, `cf stack-change -o myorg -s tons-of-apps -p 24` would update all apps in the myorg Org and tons-of-apps Space but would only update in batches of 24 apps. It would iterate through all lucid64 apps but again only in controlled sets of 24.  Any app with a status of "started" at the beginning of the update would be restarted as part of the update process.

Also, keep an eye out for an announcement here on vcap-dev early next week about the release of CLI 6.11.0.  This will include an update to the `cf app` command that exposes the stack the given app is running on.  With the Stack Changer plugin, the user can list apps that are on the lucid64 stack.  This is helpful, but somewhat limited in scope.  With the changes to `cf app`, the user can see the current stack for any app regardless of what that stack is which is a better "big-picture" scope.  Note the "stack: lucid64" addition in the example below.

○ → cf app doragrande
Showing health and status for app doragrande in org cli / space hey sup as admin...
requested state: started
instances: 1/1
usage: 127M x 1 instances
urls: doraHost.someurl.com
last uploaded: Fri Nov 7 19:02:28 UTC 2014
stack: lucid64
     state     since                    cpu    memory        disk             details
#0   running   2015-04-11 04:15:09 AM   1.0%   19M of 127M   107.7M of 117M 
Other recent stack-centric CLI changes include the inclusion of `cf stack` to retrieve specific stack info including a --guid flag to retrieve (obviously) the guid for that specific stack.  And of course, there is still the `cf stacks` command to list all the stacks that all your apps are running on. 

Good luck with your stack migration.  We hope these tools make the migration easier, more dependable and more predictable.  As always, your feedback is welcome and matters a lot!  Lastly - a nod to Dieu/runtime for assistance and suggestions for the plugin & core command additions.


Greg Oehmen
Cloud Foundry Product Manager

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James Bayer

Apr 11, 2015, 6:17:29 PM4/11/15
to vcap...@cloudfoundry.org
nice work cli team!

i opened one minor issue with the installation instructions: https://github.com/simonleung8/cli-stack-changer/issues/1

i was able to restart a bunch of my apps on the new stack with this plugin. thanks for making this easy!

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Thank you,

James Bayer
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