[.net-buildppack] Server error, status code: 400, error code: 170005, message: App staging failed

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Apr 14, 2015, 10:54:50 AM4/14/15
to vcap...@cloudfoundry.org
I am trying to push a sample console application written in c#, to cloud foundry (https://api.run.pivotal.io). I built this application using mono(3.12) on windows7 using cf version 6.10.
I use the following command to push :: cf push LogTime12 -b https://github.com/cloudfoundry-community/.net-buildpack -m 256M --no-route --no-hostname

However, on the console I get the error message => "Server error, status code: 400, error code: 170005, message: App staging failed in the buildpack release phase"

The server logs are as follows; Any idea how I can get this working?
2015-04-14T14:45:32.000+00:00 [API] OUT Created app with guid 6f2153ea-e1fa-4038-a8b6-48bb29d6e28e
2015-04-14T14:45:53.000+00:00 [STG] OUT expanding Mono to vendor/mono (2.1s)
2015-04-14T14:45:55.000+00:00 [STG] OUT -----> Detected console app to be run using '$HOME/vendor/mono/bin/mono --server LogTime.exe'
2015-04-14T14:45:56.000+00:00 [STG] ERR Permission denied - /tmp/staged/app/start.sh
2015-04-14T14:45:49.000+00:00 [STG] ERR Cloning into '/tmp/buildpacks/.net-buildpack'...
2015-04-14T14:45:56.000+00:00 [STG] OUT Release failed with exception #<IO:0x000000019f1fe0>, #<IO:0x000000019f1fe0>
2015-04-14T14:45:48.000+00:00 [DEA] OUT Got staging request for app with id 6f2153ea-e1fa-4038-a8b6-48bb29d6e28e
2015-04-14T14:45:49.000+00:00 [STG] OUT -----> Downloaded app package (4.0K)
2015-04-14T14:45:51.000+00:00 [STG] OUT -----> Downloading Mono runtime 3.4.0_full from http://ci-labs-buildpack-downloads.s3.amazonaws.com/mono/lucid/x86_64/mono-3.4.0_full.tar.gz (1.2s)
2015-04-14T14:45:55.000+00:00 [STG] OUT -----> Installing Mozilla certificate data to .config/.mono/certs (1.4s)
2015-04-14T14:45:55.000+00:00 [STG] OUT -----> Preparing AppSettingsAutoReconfiguration.exe (0.0s)
2015-04-14T14:45:56.000+00:00 [STG] OUT "#<Errno::EACCES: Permission denied - /tmp/staged/app/start.sh>"
2015-04-14T14:45:56.000+00:00 [STG] OUT "/tmp/buildpacks/.net-buildpack/lib/net_buildpack/runtime/mono.rb:75:in `release'",
2015-04-14T14:45:56.000+00:00 [STG] OUT "/tmp/buildpacks/.net-buildpack/bin/release:27:in `<main>'"]
2015-04-14T14:45:56.000+00:00 [STG] OUT Staging failed: Release info failed:
2015-04-14T14:45:56.000+00:00 [STG] OUT "/tmp/buildpacks/.net-buildpack/lib/net_buildpack/runtime/mono.rb:119:in `open'",
2015-04-14T14:45:49.000+00:00 [API] OUT Updated app with guid 6f2153ea-e1fa-4038-a8b6-48bb29d6e28e ({"state"=>"STARTED"})
2015-04-14T14:45:56.000+00:00 [STG] OUT ["/tmp/buildpacks/.net-buildpack/lib/net_buildpack/runtime/mono.rb:119:in `initialize'",
2015-04-14T14:45:56.000+00:00 [STG] OUT "/tmp/buildpacks/.net-buildpack/lib/net_buildpack/runtime/mono.rb:119:in `create_start_script'",
2015-04-14T14:45:56.000+00:00 [STG] OUT "/tmp/buildpacks/.net-buildpack/lib/net_buildpack/buildpack.rb:133:in `release'",
2015-04-14T14:45:56.000+00:00 [API] ERR encountered error: App staging failed in the buildpack release phase


Apr 28, 2015, 5:56:48 AM4/28/15
to vcap...@cloudfoundry.org, santhosh.k...@gmail.com

Sorry for the delay responding - it appears that recent changes to run.pivotal.io have broken the https://github.com/cloudfoundry-community/.net-buildpack.

I'd welcome a PR to fix things (its probably just a case of file permissions).

Unfortunately I don't currently have time to fix this.



James Bayer

Apr 28, 2015, 10:47:57 AM4/28/15
to vcap...@cloudfoundry.org, santhosh.k...@gmail.com
it's could be related to changing the stack to cflinuxfs2, which is based on ubuntu trusty 14.04 LTS instead of ubuntu lucid 10.04 LTS (which is going out of support this week).

you can try pushing with "cf push APPNAME -s lucid64" if lucid64 is on the available list of "cf stacks" still.

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