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Apr 28, 2015, 2:48:47 PM4/28/15
When I run "cf apps" all of my app instances are showing "?/1" for instances and "started" for requested state. The apps are working fine but I'm a bit curious/concerned as to why the state isn't "running" like it used to show. Is this just a display bug with the CLI? However, it looks like "cf app <app_name>" works as expected. 

name                 requested state   instances   memory   disk   urls   
hello-world        started                 ?/1              512M       1G


Greg Oehmen

Apr 28, 2015, 3:26:13 PM4/28/15
to vcap-dev
When you see ?/1, it means that the health manager is unable to determine the desired or actual running instances of an application (in this case just the one instance but can be ?/2, etc. depending on the number of instances of the app).

In August, 2014, the CLI team included PR#237 [0] which changed the reporting from a "-1" to a "?" to more accurately portray the understanding of the state.  This change occurred with CLI v.6.4.0.  

Greg Oehmen
Cloud Foundry Product Manager

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